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AirWire recently finished its token sale!

Now we’re off to bigger and better things as the community grows; excited for the next evolution in the growth of this heart-of-a-teacher blockchain technology.

I decided to ask a few questions of the community to get a better idea for where they’re heads are. Today, I want to share some of the greatest responses I received.

What do you love about AirWire?
Most often, people seemed to love the fact that making payments via social media was fast and easy (literally like 4 clicks!). One AirWire ambassador had the following to say:

“Quite simply, [I love] the ability to send crypto in confidence. I haven't screwed up the receiver’s public address. And also the ability to send/receive via social media platforms. Being an artist myself, this will be a great way to help with buying and selling!”

If they’re that excited about the ease of use for artists, they’re going to love some of the features we have coming out which are geared toward creators.

“I like the fact that it has connected people from all parts of the world. That a real community has developed to help nurture something that is new and transformative. I like the fact that actual assets are transferred from one person to another. It implies and offers a deeper meaning than a [mere] message on social media. When you give WIRE you are giving something that was not pulled out of thin AIR (excuse the pun)!”

Well, we’ll accept any pun you want to throw our way.

What do you plan on using AirWire for?
While there’s no ‘wrong way’ to use AirWire, there were a couple answers that seemed to pop up more frequently than others.

One community member said, “I plan on using it to introduce people to crypto and let them see for themselves how easy and versatile it can be.” This is one of the main reasons I personally became interested in the AirWire project. It was SUPER easy to figure out; user-friendly as it gets.

Other community contributors suggested using WIRE (AirWire’s token) as an easy way to tip content creators for their hard work.

Currently, the best way to support content creators (podcasters, youtubers, writers, etc.) is to send them money via PayPal, Patreon, or some other third party service who charge you a pretty large percentage for use of their service.

That’s just not the crypto way!

AirWire, at least for many in our community, is a great way to send funds directly to the content creator you want to support. All of it.

It’s the online digital equivalent to throwing money into a street busker’s guitar case without PayPal getting their grubby fingers on ‘their cut.’

What are your concerns about AirWire?
Some of the newer members were concerned there was no Facebook integration yet.

Founder, David Hunter, always responsive to the community’s concerns, replied, “Facebook is out of our control. Due to the severe API restrictions that are in place we can not use FB. We actually had Facebook integrated 7 months ago.”

For anyone who’s been paying attention, it was about 7 months ago when Facebook started cracking down on cryptocurrency and blockchain ad campaigns; specifically prohibiting ads that promote products and services “that are frequently associated with misleading or deceptive practices [official ads policy].” The ICO craze of late December 2017 to early January of 2018 had a lot to do with this.

But, there is a workaround. A fellow community member pointed out, “You can send WIRE in Facebook through the Custom Button on the [AirWire] platform. The tech behind it makes WIRE pretty much Universal.”

Excellent point!

While it would be nice (and super-convenient) to use a Facebook feature with the same ease as the Twitter feature, there is indeed a way around it.

Moving Forward. As we transition from our former name, “Social Wallet,” to the new (and improved) one, “AirWire, there are more great features and partnerships coming down the pike; including a rebranded wallet as those features roll out.

So stay tuned for more! Much more.

Hop into the fray on our Discord Channel, and introduce yourself!
Find out more about AirWire and the WIRE token at


I love this project and I have been a supporter since the first days.....@socialwallet Thank you for all the Kindness that you have shown me, also looking forward to the additional Air-drop Tokens. We can only get Better and Better !

Hi @stokjockey,

Have you ever received the wire tokens from all the upvotes to their posts? They did not give an update on that. How do we claim it?

Regards, @gold84

I have not received the tokens as far as I know. I need to go look into my wallet and see...............

Any luck @stockhockey?

I still think this looks like a good project! I am curious to hear about the airdrop that was mentioned here some time ago. We were asked to up vote daily posts, which I did. There was a Google spreadsheet showing some progress in tracking this, but it only goes to day 17 out of 35 days, from what I can see. I am on the discord but not too often. Is there something you can say here about this Bounty and Airdrop please? Last thing I saw was the last daily post on day 35: Thanks for any info on this! :)

You ever get those tokens?

Not yet. I see there is activity on Discord but I haven't had the time to see exactly where they are, in their roadmap. It would be good to get an update here, where we got used to seeing them everyday, and where I up voted them every day. It takes a lot of time, usually, from my experience, to keep up with a Discord and read all that is happening, so a summary helps. :)

We will have this updated and the WIRE sent out soon.

Any more news for us here that upvoted all the posts. I’m looking forward to learn how I will get all those tokens.

@socialwallet, I'm waiting for the continuation of the topic

Any new news on the Steem Airdrop that happened two months ago??? Shouldn't we receive Wire Tokens in exchange for our upvotes??? Where can we claim these tokens???

Hi socialwallet, I have recently discovered that you changed your name! I bought some wire back when you had your first offering and I cant seem to access my account under this new name, could you help me solve this problem?