The Impact of SMS Transactions Using AirWire

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Since the first text message of “Merry Christmas” sent to Richard Jarvis in 1992, many technical advances have been made to better the instant messaging experience. From the installment of the touchscreen in 1993, to voice control in 2009, these advancements helped to shape our world and our reliability on texting. But what if we told you a new advancement was on the horizon? An advancement that would save time, and money, all from the tip of your finger. Introducing SMS transactions by AirWire, a means to transfer money without the convoluted interface of PayPal and Western Union. Within a few clicks, your money will be transferred to whomever you desire, effectively cutting out the middle men in the simplest and most secure way.

Take for example in the wake of large scale natural disasters, some first responding charities can take up to 25% of all donations for “internal expenses”. If such situation arises, those who donate wish for their money to go exactly where they were promised. With our revolutionary platform, people who donate can rest assure that the exact cause in which they want to help, gets every cent. Nearly five billion people have a cellphone, that’s more than the amount of people who have running water! Furthermore, it isn’t just teens who are texting. In 2014, Experian Marketing Services published a report on the habits of Millennial adults aged 18 to 34 and found that 91% of those who owned smartphones engaged in texting during a typical week. Another Nielsen study found that even Baby Boomers, aged 45 through 64, are texting. As many as 85% of Boomers who own mobile phones reported using it for sending and receiving texts. With Social Wallet’s sphere of influence; the current economic climate, widespread SMS messaging, and advanced blockchain technology, could easily become the “Facebook” of cryptocurrency, smoothly bringing an otherwise complex industry to the masses.

From a corporate aspect, companies can integrate AirWire into their payment collecting system. Sending users, a reminder to pay their fees, as many already do, can simply be improved upon by allowing the user to respond with said payment. No longer do you have to undergo the draining steps of sending money through desktop or mobile app, nor plan your day around the ability to drive here and there. AirWire makes payments uncomplicated and accessible, fitting into your everyday life.

In conclusion, ecosystems are subject to the players involved. Take or add anything to the environment, and it could change drastically, progressing the environment forward. These ideas are the backbone of biology but are also essential to economics; our social landscape, number of users, necessity to monetary transfers on a global scale, and the lack of access to traditional methods. The societal impact that AirWire ease to use SMS transfers have on a global scale are absolutely limitless. Whether you want to donate towards a cause, or simply pay your light bill, SMS transactions are the future.

Go and test the platform for yourself at


@socialwallet I have a question ?? A couple of Days ago I sent some WIRE to a friend of mines phone number VIA SMS Text and I asked him if he received it and he said no he did not. I show in my History that the transaction will expire if not claimed in like 6 days. My Question is does the receiver of the WIRE see some kind of notice or icon that says hey you have WIRE to claim press here or something like that ???

Thank you for your answer in advance....

If it's was a sms they will get their regular text message notice. They will click the link to claim it. They will have to register but no purchase is necessary.
If not claimed after 6 days it will go back into your wallet.

I send Wire to my self via SMS and received a text msg with indications and claim it. It was really smoth. Love it!. You should joind their Discord Group and ask for help there. they're great guys!

@ronneymc that is why I am going to talk to my friend tomorrow and let him know that he needs to claim his tokens. If they come back to my wallet that is OK since they are never LOST out there in the ether................

Yes, they will come back to you if left unclaimed.


I will look further into this Airwire to see if I can make use of it near future.

The ICO has been completed. It is not available yet.

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Thanks for sharing :)

Really glad the project is working, after many days of silence in your social networks I believed you only had your payouts and bailed.
Great to have you back! And you should have posted something... gave life signals in twitter or at least a sign that we are still working

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