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RE: Snow Sculptures

in #alaska4 years ago

Great to see this and through the eye of a spectator. It is always difficult to photograph snow and ice. I usually shoot with the raw setting so i can pull out more detail in photoshop.
Lokos like there were so nice sculptures there.


Yes, snow always provides a challenge for photographing; I did pull out some detail with post-processing. I only snapped shots of the sculptures I thought displayed genuine talent or delivered their intention well. There were several other pieces there that were less... exciting.

Glad you enjoyed seeing these. Thanks for the comment, resteem, and vote! I'm curious, is carving snow like this similar to working with sand? I imagine sand would be more fragile and structurally weaker?

In some ways they are similar. You compact both into big blocks before carving. As far as sculpting goes snow definitely has the edge on creating dynamic forms, the guy with the wings is a good example. The use of the outline of the form usually leads to the best composition.
Being able to do surface detail is sands strong point. With snow, as you can see most of them are pretty rough and are just trying to create contrast.
I actually enjoy working with Sand, snow and ice because each one has it's own possibilities and limitations.
Thanks again for your interest in this sort of work.

Neat! Thanks for this insight.