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RE: How I discovered my neighbour was an alien from outer-space

in #aliens3 years ago (edited)

Good story, but I think it's totally made up. Guys please don't forget the author said there was a writing competition so this is just a made up story for that writing competition. Up for imagination!


I knew I shouldn’t have written this. When I told what happened in the past people laughed at me and said I had too much imagination. That’s why I stopped telling the story. I guess I just lost all my credibility. I wish I had a photo. Even then people would say it’s hacked.

By the way I informed @mctiller that I am disqualified from the competition due to my failure to resteem his post. See my comment about this in his blog. So it isn’t written for winning the competition.

I think we should all visit that village and check your neighbor's house.. =D

Good idea, I'm in. Only it's an "ambassadors home". No doubt this continuity error is the reason for the post edit - North Korea become foreign government because NK don't have a foreign embassy there!

Seriously Clive, the game is up, it's pointless insisting that this fiction is true.

So sad you spotted the obvious screwup...., I mean seriously, is the absence of aliens really that important? Have you read one of my earliest stories about Zombies? Completely true apart from the bit about Zombies.

You are a funny one aren't you! Okay, I see how your brain works. I think I'll have to pop around here more often to see what you're up to next! You've got yourself a new follower - even if only out of morbid interest!

P.S. Seriously? The zombies aren't real either? Damn. 😢

I would love to do that. In fact, I think I will. Obviously we can’t get in. High security. It’s An Ambassador’s home. It’s guarded day and night.