I am SO excited!!!!

I can't stop saying it! The first Block Party was quite the adventure!!! @mariannewest kidnapped me for an awesome road trip to Colorado! We had THE BEST time! and when we finally arrived to the Block Party - it just got better!

We had our first meeting in the Alliance server the other day - to finally decide exactly where we will be staying, and I won't ruin the surprise! You have to keep checking @thealliance and the posts that @enginewitty puts out to see where it will be

But - ohhhhhhh! eeeeeeeeek! aghhhhhhhh! I have BEGUN my official countdown timer!!!

So for all of you who know you're going.... here are some things to prepare for! Start thinking who you want to "live" with for the week! We are renting a bunch of little cottages in this super cool neighborhood!

Yep! Pick Yo Team hehe

So far @enginewitty is the leader of Team A with @snook in a the main house called- The Castle. Yep! You knew that had to happen right? The Castle? that's a no-brainer!!! This is where all our group meetings and big family dinners will be held! And nice plus? It's right on the water!!! I'm looking forward to some chill out time on their patio, talking to one another and catching the last rays of the day!

Team B is in a 3 bedroom house where @bluefinstudios is the leader. @shadowspub and @dreemsteem are taking up residence there too! Don't worry, @enginewitty and @snook - we're right next to you! hehee

Want to step up and be a leader? Talk to @enginewitty and grab a cottage! Then grab some friends to fill it! Make sure you talk to Witty or myself (@dreemsteem) before you book it so we can give you all the details!

Another fun part?

Though we will have some big, all-family-dinners, we thought this year might be a fun twist to have some more intimate dinners within the teams! Kinda have an hour or two to really get to know the people on the trip! So Team A&B will eat together, Team C&D together, (etc) - then, the the next night - they will switch it up and meet other teams! Not only is it a fun way to get to know each other, but it's also pretty exciting to taste other people's favorite foods! Come on you great cooks! This is your time to shine! I'm talking to YOU @jayna, @brisby, and @bluefinstudios! Who else??? :)

We have some more neat things to look forward to - but I don't want to tell you all at once!

Just keep an eye out for more posts regarding the Block Party and come on out!!! You won't regret it :)

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we're Team B on paper, and TEAM A in everyone's hearts!

Hmmmmmmmmmmm :D

hahahahahaha what a brat he is! LOLOLOL you know you and Witty are A+ @snook ;)

hmm I'm kind of leaning toward @bluefinstudios' view on this.

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Hope that someone will keep a bed open for last-minute deciders. I have to see how our wedding travels are going before I can commit - and where and when my husband is going to work in July...

It shall be so.

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oh wow!!!!!!!

thanks TrufflePig!!!!!!!!!! i haven't seen you in a long time
do you like that my avatar is a piggie too?

Cracking me up in the comments y'all!