The Three Birds A Saved After Crashing In My Balcony

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As you already know, I live in the Bulgarian mountains, my place is located facing the peaks of Rila and in the front balcony we have big windows.
The #First bird was a falcon that crashed last year on our window and I was there to pet him and helped it survive and later helped him fly back to the mountains 😊

The #Second bird was a huge Woodpecker, at impact it almost looked like dead but with lots of love and petting, “Woody” flew away as soon as it could. 😊

The #Third one was a PeriKit that escaped the cage from our neighbor’s home. Luckily it returned the next day and it was flying around in the complex.
After multiple attempts, I managed to catch it, the owners were so happy that they later surprised me with a box of chocolates 😊

Have you had any experiences with wild birds? If you do, please share them with me.

*Live plentifully *


Great work you are kind ,👍😊

😆, thank you.

Muy bonitas imágenes amiga @melip

Hum...that is humanity...good job dear...

No my friend. Thank you, I will

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