Can You Complete The #alphabetartchallenge in 2018??

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Are you looking for some inspiration for posts for your blog?? Want to explore your creativity?? Why not try the #alphabetartchallenge??



Create an original work every day for 26 days. The subject matter of the first days work must start with the letter 'A', day 2 with the letter 'B' and so on until you reach the letter 'Z' on day 26.

If you miss a day, It's back to the start! :)

All forms of artistic expression are welcome. Traditional and digital art, short stories, doodles, photography, songwriting, poetry, or any other kind of creativity you can come up with. :)


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I think this is a very interesting idea. Since I havent been posting for a while, I decided to give this a try and hope I succeed in this challenge. This is my first entry:

Glad to have you aboard @apprentice001. It isn't an easy task. I've already failed on my first attempt and am a little scared of staring again and committing to 26 days in a row. ;(

Good luck to you my friend. Hope you get time to take part in the #comic-contest as well. It would be good to see what you come up with. :)

Nice Idea @tonyr! :D

Cheers @w0olf. I've got a new contest starting tonight or tomorrow night as well that I'm hoping others will enjoy and get involved in. Just got mto finish the artwork and It'll be ready to go. :)

Hope you had a good time over the holidays and that 2018 is an awesome year for you, my friend! :)

nice one..your writing is a very nice and great photography...thanks for sharing this post...

Happy new year

Happy New Year to you too, @onyema1992. :)

Lovely idea! :) Brutal too (with restarting if you fail to draw a day) :D
I might give it a shot :)

This sounds like a good challenge. Do we just use the hastage on our posts to participate?

Hey @cerealface82. Hope all is well mate. Sorry for the delayed reply. That would be great if you took part in the challenge and if you could use the hashtag that would be awesome but no need to if you don't want to. It's just a little fun inspiration for anyone struggling with ideas for posts, nothing too strict. :)

Hope you have fun with it mate. Hvave a great day. :)

Thank you good sir, and thanks for the great idea to get the ol creative juices flowing! I'll use the hashtag when I post!

Very cool idea, big ups to you! I already got the wind of it via @enternamehere, she did a sick job at it! I'm already at day #5. Thought it would be a good start of this year 😄

Cheers @benja. It's a tough challenge. I failed the first time and still have to start again. I'm hoping to complete it sometime in 2018 myself. :)

Ah yeah, you should! I'm enjoying it to the fullest haha :)