The Return of Runic Sorcery - #1

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[Beyond Quantum Supremacy]

01_444_New Age Glow_preset_00_source_01_444_.png
This was made using 300IQ next-gen ultratech.
You can use it as your steem avatar, if you like.

Behold my power!
I am lord of the machines:
Anyone voting on me will be spared
when I have taken over the entire universe.

enact mass hysteria!



Deals 1 quantum damage to your opponent.
(Quantum damage is entangled with every other instance of quantum damage.)

Hello! So it seems there's an issue with the RPC Node right now, so other bots that are older and have not updated their failovers, may stop working during this outage. Just a heads up. :P Noticed my console erroring like a mf just to see the main steem API was down. If you've had delayed bot votes, that may be why.

Free 20% vote added to you. Curation for us will be removed since the original vote had to be removed, but hey, more for you. :P

I have noticed seems broken today :c

Hopefully the other bots that are basically on autopilot don't get permanently broken by this, but thanks for noticing and fixing on your side at least. On note of curation, it stops me from using ezvote on 'posts' in champion's gate, since by the time I notice them (sometimes even within like 5 minutes) there is already a 1% vote on it, but I do still manage to find excuses to target their comments and use ezvote anyway ^_~

They all seem to be working again and the wallet has been back up as I'm sure you're already aware. :) It seems that old code has failovers like ours does, so they should (In theory.) keep trying to connect for as long as the server they are on is running. Seeing as they've continued to run all this time, there is someone looking after each of them to some degree for sure. (Even if that degree is simply making sure the server is up and the payments are going to the provider and not as deep as even looking at the Command Line Interface.) Hopefully any that have stopped working will start again. Bots being demonized was wrong in the first place and I honestly think it was only hated on by those who it allowed people with less money to be able to compete with more, in the rewards pool. Seems most of those toxic entities are gone or in another form and not acting so maliciously, so I feel that it's a good time for people to start providing ways to help themselves as well as help others.

Our whole team thinks we'll succeed more because the problem with other bots is that they're mostly greedy and look to give the lowest return possible whereas we want to give the largest we can, as often as we can, so that anyone can afford 0.1 steem to get either a direct 1% vote from something measurable in SP (Say $3-4 per promotion or at least $0.20-$0.30 if it's split by people requesting at the same time.) and get a decent return and feel like they can really be valued here, even if they have to put in a little effort and capital to make it happen. It gets them invested and also helps them to earn. It's when you're offering minimal returns on purpose, to earn, that we think it's a bit predatory. We like the new rates on most of them and think they're fair and want to offer one up that's even less concerned with profits than those, but it'll take a bit to acquisition that much stake. We've tried reaching out at one point or another to larger stakeholders, but it seems most are on autopilot or unresponsive (Unfortunately.) so we've had to rely mostly on building through delegation requests on dlease and powering down to offer payments for new delegations. It's building, but much more slowly than we'd have hoped for. Time will progress us all though, so there is no concern except for in the short-term, but we can't all just expect things to happen quickly, right? :P

Also, I looked back through the comments and they seem to have missed your reply about the RC. I believe we put it in one of our posts, but we are claiming accounts to help with onboarding so that newcomers won't have to rely on the faucet and existing pathways. It's a way to begin to get ready for more adoption by the public and to put less strain on those who are already doing plenty for this place (Steemit Inc, now Justin Sun owned, as well as the existing witnesses and devs who've left tools up for us and either didn't leave or agreed to continue to support both us and hive.) so that they can use their own power to better pursue and execute their own plans for the future with the steem blockchain.

Hope this clarified some things. Sorry for the late reply. As I said, I'm the one who's the "PR dude" of the bunch, so I'm the one responsible for responding I suppose. Lol. :P I'll be sure to check more often, life has just been crazy with covid and trying to get by. Times are tough on us all. Hope you're doing well. :)

@alphacore - tagged incase it doesn't tell you about this or something. I think it sends notifications, not sure. You might not even check them, but hey, here goes nothing. Haha.

I do technically get notifications, but a lot of them, so many things fall into cracks and anytime I miss responding that's usually the reason why ^_~

The RC usage for account tickets is a good idea - some of my RC is used that way too and it makes more use of your delegations as well. If I remember, it was just alarming that your RC happened to be so low when I checked, and because of the curation/reward claim frequency along with comments after vote I thought a chance it was being drained from one of those, and RC reaching minimum causes all kinds of crazy problems so I decided to throw out a warning just in case it wasn't intentional.

I think you will succeed on current trajectory and mentality as well. For my purpose, there are community posts I still need to use other options on simply to give them higher reward, but compared to ezvote none of the other options are used as often because they usually have poor ratios after considering the 50/50 split. Basically it has come to a point that I use the others selectively, and use ezvote arbitrarily, because it is the only one I know of that is made to counter the new curation formula, and can target people's comments as well! For this reason, I try not to counter your offers in delegation market too often, it is inflating a bit anyway. Although if I do jump ahead, that is usually because I have no idea what exact % APR I am offering when I throw these random offers into the pool... LOL

@alphacore. Se ve hermoso la combinación de colores y estube viendo las figuras anteriores y tienes bellezas amiga

thank you ^_^

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