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The top social media viral video by @Leesa woman celebrates the lifting of ban on female drivers by rapping about it, in the video the rapper @Leesa asks women to buckle up while driving and offers other safety instructions, are thank to his King @salman to permission to allow girls drive the cars, in the video the @leesa said they no need to a man as drive a car, put a string of car in and put a foot on accelerator of car

That means no need for taxi The string wheel in my hands, i smash the pedal under my foot i won't need anyone to drive me, I'll help myself by myself, I got the drivers license ready with me so put the seat belt on the abaya ( the dress she wearing) and keep an eye on the sidewalks and the other on the mirror


Great Video keep it up dude

it's great video.

its so helpful content

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I would let her drive my car