Boldly going where no altcoin has gone before.

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IoT chain (ITC) is tanking currently on coinmarketcap, down from $5 - $3 . So I bought a tonne more. Here's why: -

  • Next Gen DAG algorithm.
  • HIGHEST TX/Second rate of ANY ALTCOIN PROJECT, 10k TX/S. 3k/s faster than Raiblocks, and 3 orders of magnitude more than Bitcoin. Let me elaborate, that is faster than VISA and MASTERCARD and solves scaling.
  • Partnered with hardware manufacturers to provide integrated IoT systems.
  • Quantum computing resistant.

As most of us understand intuitively, adoption and brand are the most important elements in a cryptocurrency makeup, and technology can perhaps be considered to be a secondary consideration. However, if technology were the only important metric, a strong argument could be made that IoT chain is the best altcoin project currently our there. If Bitcoin were the Saturn V, IoT chain would be the Starship Enterprise.

It's cheap and under the radar right now.

If this post makes you rich in the future, please send some love, or better yet coin, to my ethereum address.


Peace out!


Im on board with this. I have been getting a lot of IOTA as is fell. Same with ripple. eveytime they go down a bit I try to buy a little more.

I love the iota project, it's branding, technology and concept are brilliant. I'll hodl some forever. I wish they had a better fucking wallet though.

I have noticed it always says network congestion for IOTA

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