Altcoin News - Vitalik Proposes 120 mill ETH supply | G20 | South Korean Regulator | Gazprombank

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This is Altcoin news, from the world of Cryptocurrency. Today we talk about why despite bitcoin and “sell-off” the cryptocurrency space continues to attract investors. Vitalik proses cap on Ether cryptocurrency. We also talk about the 10 takeaway summaries after the G20 summit. South Korean regulators to release crypto tax framework by June. Russia’s Gazprombank to test cryptocurrency transactions in Switzerland. How the cryptocurrency community is reacting to April fools. We also look at some updates on VeChain, IOTA and Verge.

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April fool jokes around the space was pretty good as we needed to take a step back after the recent declines accelerated. Unfortunately, it will be back to reality soon as the market looks for a bottom.

I saw that article too! I totally forgot it was April Fool’s Day! (Lol)

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