Jeff's eyes wide open for these ICOs in 2018

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Here is a look at some interesting ICO's that I have uncovered to show you guys. I personally found them all to be interesting. The projects of Canya, Safe Haven, Tokia, Asteroid, Swissborg, Finom.

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Glad to see you guys here! I've been following you on YouTube and Twitter for some time now- I love your videos. You guys are hands-down my favorite crypto-analysts out there. (You guys aren't on Discord, are you?) Looking forward to seeing lots more quality content from you guys here! Follow me back, if you have the inclination ;) Welcome to Steemit, guys!

you rock jaybird, thanks!

Hi Jeff, If you need some help searching through new ICO's, check out it has many ICO's listed & all the info required to make researching simpler. I actually participated in it's ICO (TDS), in February the token will be on exchanges, but their website has been functioning since a few months.

I love your guys' videos! Its what I wake up to every day before I begin my trading and research. If you could check out my informed posts relating to cryptocurrency, or follow me that would be a dream come true :)

Check out the Medicalchain ico - it uses blockchain technology to securely store health records.

I appreciate all the hard work you guys do at Altcoin Buzz. I'm 6 months vested in the crypto game and find that doing the proper research and family and working is impossible. Keep give us the good stuff and we'll ride with you.

Wow! I know we aren't supposed to technically take this as investment advice. But it sure is great information. Keep posting these, ill be on the lookout for these icos for sure.

Good to see you guys on steemit!

can i have a follow back ?
u guys are doing great :) i am on all ur platfomrs ^^

What's everyone's favourite ICO?

Always providing us with high-quality content that helps in investment opportunities! How is it possible for somoeone living in AMerica to get involved in ICOs, as many are closed to American residents.

These are interesting. I haven't dove into an ICO yet and I'm almost waiting for the stars to align to dive in head first.

Not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing for this noob, but a lot of them (not these but ICO's in general) seem to be more suspect than anything...

bunch of great ICO videos on our page: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: