Jeff's list of FOUR currently undervalued altcoins that have strong teams, solid tech, and excellent vision

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Here is a list of 4 more altcoins that I feel as though are undervalued at the moment. This list includes:

DeepBrain Chain
Theta Token

As Cryptocurrency these coins and tokens do have a what I consider to be strong teams, solid tech, excellent visions. Share your thoughts on these projects in the comments below. As always this is not professional financial advice, and please do additional research on these projects if you choose to get involved.

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AGI looks to be a more promising investment, as it is now cheaper compared to ICO price than DBC, at 9x compared to 16X (valued in USD). Also Total supply of AGI is 10 times less than DBC. Should I mention Sophia the robot?

I have a bag of Deep Brain Chain and UTrust. I'll check out Achain and Theta. Keep looking for a dip! Thanks for the info!

Good ones! UTRUST seems like a sure thing! Deep Brain Chain was FUD’d down I think. People saying they didn’t really have anything, but I’m thinking they may just need some time to get going. And I’m not going in on Theta but I’ll probably regret that lol

UTRUST is legit

yes i agree that #Utrust will go far this year. payment providers with easy to use platforms and low fees will be the future. it would be great to see #Utrust to team with pay pal. that would be a great partnership.
thanks Jeff and the @altcoinbuzz team for the continued quality content

One lazy fan suggesting something... When you list coins in the article, could you add also a link to their website. If that's not to much work for you. It will certainly help us :)

Hey Team, I did some research and I definitely see a lot of value in Theta Token and Deepbrain Chain. What are your thought about coins related to supply chain like Walton, WaBi, and Amber? There are a lot of them and I see enormous value there, but how to figure out which one? Same thing for "sharing" coins like Dent/Power Ledger/Golem/Siacoin

I have a feeling utrust will my rocket in the near future.

Achain is a giant!