ADVISORYNETWORK: An afforadable and more profitable decentaralized platform for telephone advisory service

in #altcoins3 years ago

Billy is a determined young entrepreneur who runs a telephone advisory service in his home town, even though he has being in the business for a couple of years, his return on investment is not encouraging. A lot of factors actually contribute to this phenomenum most especially the presence of third party agents (telecommunication industries).
They charged users for making use of the service and remitt few bucks to billy's company which is not instant but at the end of the month. This centralized method of operation is not encouraging as users can not make direct payments to the service provider without the telecommunication industries.
In order to innovate the telephone advisory service industry and make it profitable for the service providers and more affordable for the users, a decentralized method of connecting the services providers and users in a seamless, transparent and secure manner with instant remittance option is of utmost importance and this can be achieved only by utilizing the power of smart contracts and blockchain technology.

''Advisorynetwork" is a platfrom under development to disrupt the telephone advisory service on a global scale, the platform will utilize blockchain technology and smart contracts to create a market hub to seamlessly connect service providers with users in a secure, transparent and decentralized manner. Service providers will be able to receive instant payments in form of cryptocurreny on the platfrom without the interfernce of a third party. The platform will bring about profitablility on the part of the service providers and affordability on the part of the users. What a platform under development!

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