DataBlockchain: Decentralizing the data economy via blockchain technology

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When a company is passing through difficulty attached with his sales activities or the inability of achieving its business objective, such situation can be fairly resolved when there is an availability of a concise and reliable data gathered for its purpose. Currently, any entity or individual that seeks to acquire particular data will need to negotiate the data cost, spend more time locating which data will be suitable for use and even select a reliable platform or agency that will possibly provide accurate data. There are several other challenges and shortcomings that are directly attached to acquiring dataset as accountability and integrity need to be upheld. Perhaps let’s delve in and explore:
The project was pioneered by Scott Hirsch, a serial entrepreneur. is a revolutionary web platform connected to the Blockchain technology that will allow an entity or individual search varying and several data sources for records purposes. This platform is an efficient data sourcing and delivery platform which neglects the presence of middlemen with a competitive advantage of major data industry firm as partners. Primarily, is designed to eliminate and alleviate lack of big data worries by small and medium scale businesses and is intended to be accessible by the least advantageous levels of the society.
We all know that the Blockchain network is also revolutionizing the data industry; believes certain changes can be made using the Smart Indexing Engine to assign confidence scores on data sources and also creating an index for the same source, the Smart Indexing Engine consistently reevaluates and checks the data sourcing. Systematically, the Smart Indexing Engine links data sources using smart Blockchain oracle (DBCOracles)
Features of Datablockchain
The Datablockchain platform majors on the following features:
The Datablockchain platform is lissome for its users. This is because it is ecocentricand puts its users as the king of the platform
Equal Opportunity
The market demand is a major determinant of the Datablockchain price token. This is fairly advantageous to all purchasers. Therefore, there isn’t any victimization.
Commercial Scalability
The scale blockchain application is the main feature of Datablockchain. Parallel execution and other features boost the platform scalability. Datablockchain can also support thousands of commercial-scale decentralized platforms. Solution
The datablockchain platform is built on the blockchain technology to ensure compliance, legality and transparency during and after any transaction carried out. The use of DataBlockchain token (DBCCoin) as a certificate for a transaction on the DataBlockchain platform, this will help utilize the Datablockchain token thereby reducing the cost of their services on a secure platform. The Datablockchain will provide a serene and secure environment where user data can be properly stored after sourcing. The platform will provide a comprehensive solution that serves as an upgrade to the supply and demand segment of the data industry. The autonomous nature of the platform makes data users directly deal with peer and not a middleman thereby saving cost while the blockchain protects the provided data. is already a massive project that is just the fascinating thing about it though just like with any great innovation and newly introduced project, we may not accurately speculate on the Datablockchain performance into the future but with the huge team members who over decades of entrepreneurial tech experience, there is plenty of reason to believe the platform will live to its expectation.

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