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Have you ever read or seen a company or group of separate companies coming together to form a larger one and you might as well wonder what might possibly be the cause or rationale behind these companies combining to form one especially when the concerned company or business is doing so well in the industry. By merging or acquiring other business organization, businesses often expand into new markets, reduce competition, acquire new technology or get a partnering expertise for overall business growth and profitability.
There are always successful business entities that are making wave than other businesses in the economy at large and the major idea behind combining businesses to form one is basically to increase collaborative operations for distinct effectiveness. However, business merging and acquisition is a different process and the issues that need to be addressed are different, being mindful of those issues may help business owners make the best and most appropriate decision before taking the deal.
There are unavoidable existing problems in the current merger and acquisition environment, transactions have not been easy and accessible to those market participants without the right connection and resources; therefore the procedure or method of operation is complex and archaic. Over time, the strategy in which the sellers adopt to find buyers has not proven any form of high-level efficiency and also entrepreneurs face the challenge of not knowing the true value of their assets, this may lead to underpayment when it comes to bidding for the asset even with an excessive fee.


This is the first global merger and acquisition platform that is underpinned by the blockchain network which consists of a dua room and a marketplace, the platform has been designed to create merger and acquisition opportunities for any business entity or individual, no matter the size. LEXIT project aims to simplify the general procedures involved in merger and acquisition and also to ensure the merger and acquisition transaction or processes is swift without taking a long time before completion.
LEXIT as a marketplace is free to join platform but sellers are expected to pay a fee for listing on the platform, where a seller post listing and several buyers search and communicate with sellers concerning their desired listing then bid for the listing of his choice, after bidding process the seller makes the final decision by accepting any of the bids that meet up to his standard or requirement. One of the merits of the marketplace phase is that both buyers and sellers obtain supports from LEXIT experts.

LEXIT deal room phase remains a platform where personal and confidential information is not disclosed to any third party and because of the document secrecy, the platform has a robust security space in order and in this phase, all transactions are finalized. This phase is only controlled by selected LEXIT experts, buyers and sellers.

Benefits of the LEXIT platform

  1. Easy access to a global marketplace that connects sellers and buyers together.
  2. The platform will provide a secure and digital deal room where transactions can be finalized quickly with a lower transactional fee.
  3. Availability of business partners who will promote communication
  4. The platform will help seller discover the actual value of their asset with the massive efforts of the LEXIT experts.

Token Details
In order to pay for services offered on LEXIT platform, users will have to acquire the platform native currency (LXT), the LXT token powers the LEXIT platform and its related services and also users who provide ratings for the platform gets LXT token as a reward.
The token sale is based on tier with each tier pegged with a certain amount of bonus
Total supply: 160 million

The team behind each fruitful blockchain based project is very important. What's more, the team pushing LEXIT forward isn't any extraordinary in such manner. The partners incorporate blockchain specialists, crypto lovers, and different technocrats who have faith in the ability of blockchain. They 've got what it takes to deliver.

LEXIT is an investment-friendly platform whose procedures are uncomplicated and engaging; the platform has the diverse capability and is worth investing upon.

Website: https://sale.lexit.co
Whitepaper: https://www.lexit.co/resources/whitepaper
Telegram ICO Group: https://t.me/LEXITco/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LEXITco
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LEXITco/

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