NEBULA EXCHANGE: The most advanced trading platform for the 21st century

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Since the inception of digital currency (cryptocurrency) as a method of payment for commercial purposes, its wide range of acceptance has continually been on the high side and this has magnet many other persons and this has suddenly become part of our daily lives. The operation and process of using the digital currency has not been really uneven parts though, this is simple because digital currency (cryptocurrency) platforms has faced a lot of inconveniencies like the insight of market sentiment, platforms that it’s new member registration process is not simple, zero level reaction to financial news, lucidity on security token, analyst report of price target by other known traders. This became more clearer that the digital currency niche needs reformation and reworking so that the urge and demand for quality and safer transaction can be settled and this has given rise to the ideas behind Nebula Exchange
Nebula exchange is a cryptocurrency trading platform for the next generation and a unique exchange platform that integrates and provides a one-stop community based trading solution using trading reviews by user, p2p messaging, news and technical analyses. This exchange platform is a solution platform that provides utmost support for security tokens and also lot more than just the usual price and volume information for new users and traders to enable them make constructive decisions. Some more unique feature of Nebula includes;
Platform for Information Sharing
When a new currency is introduced to the digital currency market, it provides whitepaper so as the public cam gain insight and knowledge about the new entry currency but those not specialized in cryptocurrency matters might find it more difficult to comprehend and get valuable knowledge about the new currency before they conclude on what investment decision to make. Therefore, to stay ahead of the market traders needs to clinch their focus on social media and public forums to enable them filter information that’s from an unreliable source.
Reputation System
Using the Nebula platform is more reliable because users gain scores degree called the reputation points (RP). This is unique because opinions on the platform are highly different from those found on every other platform. As newly registered member your account begins with 0’RP. So the RP increases when the user login daily, get reviews on successful trades attached with an emoji, through referrals and when followers are gained. It is easy to spot respected user on the platform because the user reputation level is clearly displayed on any review the user make with an attached link to past reviews.
Review System
Nebula exchange has created a community friendly feature that can help new investors easily recognize regular and trustworthy user through a recognized public rating system (Reviews). The review system can help new entry compare prices from various already existing traders, This is also applicable to every currency on the platform; users are allowed to write 5-star reviews, the overall rating for any currency will be displayed on the exchange platform; therefore this will help reduce the rate of scam scheme.
The rate of hacking and cyber-attacks on exchange platform is alarming; therefore every platform needs to assure its users of safety as the first thing. Nebula exchange platform has put in place measures that would ensure users’ funds are highly safe; by combining passwords with 2-factor Authentication for login and withdrawals, service assistance of leading security consultants etc.
Trading Platform
At Nebula, our trading platform is wholesome for acute traders and easily to use for new entry traders, this includes; ability to register numerous transactions in a second, over 10 times leverage with margin trading, professional charts from previous trading views, exportable trade and order history etc.
Indeed all exchange platforms needs structural framework for innovation and accommodation of users goodwill, this has led to the unique features incubated on Nebula exchange platform and also to become the platform in-demand. No wonder it’s been referred to as “the exchange platform for the next generation”. You can participate in the launching by signing up for the ICO and formal token sale.


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