OPIRIA: Economic Benefits of the Platform.

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OPIRIA: Economic Benefits of the Platform.
The vision of Opiria is to take advantage of the blockchain technology to build and ensure monetization of consumer As humans, the massive benefits of acquiring fresh knowledge about anew thing can be differently expressed based on our potential and level of experience. Nowadays, the public concern of a legal and legit method of accumulating provided data of online users as pricked to become a huge concern for all and sundry.
personal data.
The benefits of valuing customer’s personal data have given rise to numerous individuals and organization seeking for platforms and avenue where they can lay hold of user’s personal data especially for their business purposes without compromise on an annual basis or as the case may be.
What Opiria Stands to Deliver
Independent Control of Personal Data
Opiria has built in a very simplified manner and a framework that will allow the flow and sharing of consumer personal data to specific organization or individual. To make this more effective, the Opiria platform allows customer gain every sole right to control the wave and the level at which his/her personal data is shared. By so doing, the customer has full control over their provided personal data; they send their personal data at will and without coercion.
Fundamental Insight about Customer
The competition in the business world is becoming stiffer not minding the business niche; this has led to several companies being passionate and hungry for customers’ personal information or data so as to enable them to know their customers extensively. In other to design a product that it innovative and problem-solving that would outrightly satisfy the desire and needs of the consumer. To perfectly target sales and marketing activities, these personal data are needed and this can be easily done using the Opiria platform preferably Opiria application.
Disruption of Data Brokerage
Increasing computer processing power and declining costs of data storage made it much easier for companies and individuals. This gave rise to the data brokerage industry. Now, most individuals or organization collects and maintains data on hundreds of millions of consumers, which they analyze, package and sell directly to other without the consumer permission or input. The companies or individuals that buy this data use them mainly to target advertising and marketing towards specific groups. Most personal data gotten by this company belongs to unidentified persons or they are possible framed data, these customers whom data are gotten don’t get compensation for dropping their information. Opiria platform is an ecosystem that has been re-worked to ensure such actions and activities are disrupted and also enhance maximum security over the personal data of its users.
The adoption of blockchain technology gives Opiria platform a competitive edge that even extends beyond just its broad objectives. Opiria is a project that is different from the rest already existing project because it focuses greatly on protecting its user information and creates a high feature for companies as an advantage to the general marketplace standard.

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