SPRING ROLE: A decentralized attestation Platform to Support Companies and Individuals

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Spring role is a rare platform built on the blockchain technology to assist companies and individuals in the hiring and job-seeking space of the 21st century, the platform is necessitated by the increasing rate of job hunting individuals which is estimated to always grow at a proportionate rate per annum. The goal is to create a seamless and low time-consuming experience for organizations and applicants, such that all attention should be focused on the hiring process and don’t need to worry about resume details validating.
As we have it today, the process involved in verifying an individual profile, confirming attestation and whatever skills the individual has been endorsed for is beset by several challenges and it’s endearing shortcomings, as such process has been observed to be ineffective and time-consuming, no fairly reward for user who consistently uploads their respective data neither does it serve the interest of organization for its usage.
There is no better time than now for the goal of Spring Role to be achieved because the varying problem facing the current system is extremely repulsive, such problem is highlighted as; varying information provided by candidate or applicant, inadequate current attestation system and inability to verify information as at when needed. Therefore, to have falsified, inaccurate and reliable information on resumes is becoming common and a must-have.
Spring role platform is set to provide an event-based solution to the above-listed problem through the distinctive services offered by the platform;
Attestation System
Spring role is designed to promote trust among individuals and organizations; the attestation system is powered by the use of a reputation score and public ledger. This attestation system can help prove the realness of provided information. The attestor consists of a subset of users who will assist in validating the veracity of claims. For future checks, an attestor can attest on behalf of another user based on skills, education qualification or even additional course attestation. Spring Role rewards an attestor for attesting on the platform.
Reputation System
The reputation system is extremely crucial for any community where trust has to be established even without knowing the individual personally, therefore the platform has been structured to build and promote trust amongst various users. Before a user could make any attestation, such user must possess a weighted reputation on the platform.
Verification process
Ideally, this is the last step after every other systems and process has been completely checked. Before a user can upload his/ her document on the Spring Role platform, such user must pass the sanity system test to ensure he/she is a verified user of the platform. After signing up the user explores the platform and completes her personal details and verifies her identity after which the user has full access to the platform.
Token Details
The name for the token to be used on the Spring Role platform is known as SPRING, which its total supply is 10billion token. Every activity and transaction on the platform would be completely achieved using the SPRING token.
The use of blockchain technology on the platform is what companies and individuals should not ignore but embrace. Spring Role protocol is envisaged and set to be a massive success as its features are rare to come by.

For more information:
Website: https://springrole.com/
Telegram: http://t.me/springrole
Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/k5nghff
Ann thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3602729.0

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