WEMARK: Connecting content owners(photographers) and users in a seamless manner

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The world at large is becoming a digital space as electronic and digital information has taken over the common information platforms with much credits being accorded, an agreeable large percentage of people are significantly embracing digital content and its related entirety. Over time, in the digital world, digital contents(photographs) and data are gradually becoming a more customized and target oriented significant element focused on addressing marketing needs and consumers’ interest at large.
Contents(photographs) are ideas figured out in a viewable or visible format and they carry valuable information that acts as a proffered solution and awareness to a group or a recognized community. The identified problem that exists in the digital content creating space is the inability for content creator(photographers) to directly look out for content users or customers who would exchange value for their contents(photographs) using a reliable marketplace or platform, this pathway has never been too smooth for photographers as they get lower incentives on their legal property without proper transaction transparency from agencies they come across while the concerned agencies assumes larger payoff from the same photographs.

Wemark is a platform under development on blockchain network with the aim to become one of the widely acceptable marketplaces for curating, licensing and distribution of digital photographs. The platform is an independent growing community that ensures that photographers get better value for their content by enabling them to license their photographs directly to customers in need without any middleman or agency involved and enables a peer-to-peer transaction between photographers and users using the transparency system of the blockchain network. However, the vision of "Wemark" is to align its general features with the interest of the entire community.

WEMARK as a unique content marketplace stands to deliver the below options:

Direct Transaction between Users and photographers
The "wemark" marketplace has brought in a new level of trust by ensuring direct dealing between the photographers and any interested content user instead of the marketplace being a middleman forum. By so doing the user would directly comment on how the photograph appeals to him/her and also value the creativity of the photographer.

Photographers Keep all Content Rights
It’s daunting that already existing content agencies or middlemen deprive photographers of being eligible to use or distribute their content. On the Wemark marketplace, all photographers are the sole owner of their content and have every right to license without reporting back any earnings to any agencies and only under licensing, Wemark is eligible to distribute the content and under the approval of the photographer.

Community Support System
To attract new customers to become participants in a marketplace, the already existing customers need to testify about the offerings of the marketplace so as to boost the morale of new users to become part. At Wemark, the interest of the entire community are aligned, this would help go a long way by ensuring the entire community spread the good news about the marketplace to interested new users.
Photographers Earn More
Wemark offers the best alternatives payment system by ensuring that photographers earn much more once his/her content is distributed. After a new user registers on the platform, they agree to the current royalty rate which Wemark offers, which is 85% for the photographers while 15% remains in Wemark marketplace.\

Token Sales Details
Start date: 24th July 2018
End Date: 7th Aug 2018
Token name: Wemark Token (WMK)
Type: ERC-20
Total supply: 135,000,000WMK
Hard cap: $8million USD
Soft cap: $1.5million USD
Payment method: Credit Cards, BTC & ETH

Wemark marketplace is a unique ecosystem built using the blockchain network to enhance its transparency system and trustworthy payment method. The platform has great inbuilt potentials that can help photographers gain solid progress putting their creativity into action. The platform would help breach the gap that exists between photographers and direct content consumers by enabling them to get direct payment from users or customers using the dedicated token. Wemark is another great and innovating step in the global content economy. This project would blossom as investors will not lose out in any way as it is also pronounced the lowest cost marketplace.

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