Alt.Estate: Blockchain Platform for Trading and Tokenizing Real Estate

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Like any investment, there are pros and cons to investing in real estate, in addition to the potential for significant profits. As a result, due diligence is very important, whether you do everything yourself or use industry experts to help.

Here are some defect an average man mostly face:

  • Real Estate Has Higher Transaction Costs
  • When purchasing shares of a stock, the transaction cost for the trade is very low, often just a few dollars. But when purchasing real estate, the transaction costs are considerably higher.
    Unlike other types of investments, real estate transaction costs can significantly affect the value of the investment and make it more difficult to turn a profit.

  • Real Estate Has Low Liquidity
  • Many investments are highly liquid, and can be bought and sold for a profit in a fraction of a second, as with high-frequency stock trading. But real estate investments are comparably illiquid, because properties can’t be quickly and easily sold without a substantial loss in value.
    Real estate investors must be prepared to own a property for months and years, especially if it will be leased out.

  • Real Estate Requires Management and Maintenance
  • Once an investor purchases a property, it must be rehabbed, maintained, and managed. Financing payments, real estate taxes, insurance, management fees, and maintenance costs can add up quickly, especially if the property sits empty for extended periods of time.

  • Real Estate Markets Have Significant Inefficiencies
  • As we’ve already discussed above, the market’s inefficiencies can be advantageous to investors. But here we want to also mention the disadvantages, which can be illustrated by investors purchasing properties sight unseen at auction.
    The most aggressive investors purchase real estate based on minimal information, and don’t know whether they’ve made a good deal until paying for the property and then inspecting the property. Likewise, investors with rental property deal with fluctuating demographics and volatile economies, which can either add or take away from their bottom-line profits.
    Real estate investing involves dealing with market inefficiencies, which can be mishandled to result in financial ruin.

  • Real Estate Creates Liabilities
  • Real estate investing involves taking on a great deal of financial and legal liability.
    All the disadvantages mentioned above add to the liability a real estate investor takes on when purchasing, financing, rehabbing, leasing, managing, and maintaining a property. Even though investment properties may be in a corporation, there are often personal guarantees associated with the business, and the risk of losing the income and profits generated by the company.

    Alt. Estate

    Alt estate comes with a view to easing the complexities involved in investing in real estate especially in offshore real estate through tokenization of properties thus promoting the adoption of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency by the masses to solve traditional problems associated with real estate.



    Alt. Estate is a blockchain platform to trade tokenized real estate. It allows anyone to easily build their own global portfolio of the best properties worldwide and become a real estate tycoon. The Alt. Estate team, with $400m worth of real estate deals in 2016, includes professionals with a strong background in investments, finance, marketing, and operations. We are supported by advisors with worldwide expertise and transactions in real estate worth more than $3bn.


    The Alt.Estate platform will provide the investors with tools, relevant information, market datas, sponsor information, property information and third party information, and will allow traders to do their own will due diligence and research when making decisions to buy undeveloped token and sell overpriced ones.

    With Alt.Estate platforms, everyone can invest in real estate, Alt.Estate will provide new access to the global real estate market for most of the population who are not chanced to participate in this economy before so as to make real estate investment available for the masses by reducing the costs in real estate transactions. These and lots more are the solutions provided by the Alt.Estate

    Token Details

    This is a means of payment and a store of value within the platform and a store of value within the platform and to also find the protocol.



    For further information on Alt. Estate, you can read:






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