ALT.Life - calling all Homeschoolers and Unschoolers on Steem

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Back in the 'good old days' on steem there was quite an active network of homeschoolers and unschoolers on Steem.

In fact when I launched The Alternative Lifestyle Show on Steem over a year ago homeschooling and unschooling were a regular feature.

We even ran a homeschooling contest in the early days of the show.

I have always thought Steem is an ideal home for homeschoolers and unschoolers.

And I would love to do an episode of the ALT.Life show all about homeschooling and unschoolings.

Looking for Homeschoolers and Unschoolers on Steem

So I am looking to connect with homeschoolers and unschoolers on Steem.

I know of a few who are still active including...

I am sure there are many more?

If you know any homeschoolers or unschoolers on Steem do let me know - either in a comment below or via Discord (Pennsif#9921).

But if it is someone else please seek permission from them before telling me, unless the information is already public on the blockchain - just in case they don't want everyone to know.

Thank you.

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Hi there, I am finally back on steemit! I have just pulled my kids out of school to homeschool them. Our "schooling system" is just a sham. Could you add me to your group too please?? ♥

I am an unschooler!

Thanks Linda, you are now on the new list ...

My family homeschools.

That's great, thank you. I have added you to the new list...

What if we are wanna be homeschoolers? Homeschool may be in our future.

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You are welcome to join the list.

There's me, but I rarely post on it now my girls are older. Their studies have become much more academic, so they don't make for such fun posts.

BTW, I've featured the homesteaders/preppers list in this week's newsletter and highlighted this account too.

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Thank you for featuring the Homesteaders list in the newsletter - much appreciated.

If you get a chance to mention this list as well that would be great...

Yes, I was planning to. Thank you once again for all your work on these things. I finally got the dTube to load and listened to the HSCO edition of the show today.

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We're homeschooling :) I only do monthly blogs about it though (to some value of monthly, February one is really late ^_^;)

That's no problem. I have added you to the new list...

Thank you.

Good to meet you Linnet. You are now on the latest list ...

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