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Greetings to all steemians!
It's with great pleasure that @altruistbot writes to you. @altruisticbot brings to you her CONTEST #2 and as you all know it's always fun. @altruisticbot appreciates your effort in the last contest and would love you to better if not best.

TITLE: selfie with meme on it.
It's quite simple. The contest is about taking a selfie and make a meme of it, then tell us how you come to it because it will count in determining the winner.


  1. Upvote and resteem this post this will help the community to come up with more contest and the contest can reach to as many steemians as possible. Any entrant who failed to resteem this post will have an invalid entry.

  2. Write a post with a title Altruistic Community Challenge #2 Make A Meme With Your Selfie.

  3. Drop the link to your post in the comment section.

  4. Use #altruistic-steem as your first tag, and #selfiememe as your second tag.

  5. You must be a member of Altruistic community to participate.

  6. All entries should be submitted on or before Friday (10 PM GMT). This will give time for the judges to determine the winners.

Note: If there are less than 15 entries in the contest, it will be repeated. Also, the post-payout will determine if the prizes will be increased.

1st: 5 whaleshares + 2 steem
2nd: 3 whaleshares + 1.5 steem
3rd: 2 whaleshares + 0.5 steem
4th: 0.5 steem
5th: 0.5 steem

we need people who'll delegate to @altruisticbot to help newbies and stale members and to also boost the project of the community. To support, contact the team on the discord channel.

Note that @altruisticbot tag is : altruistic-steem and also follow our trail.

Join us on discord


i must join dis contest o

Wishing yall the best in this contest..good one @altruisticbot

nice post friend

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