I hope I never forget...

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When I think of you Nanny, you are invincible, yet warm and kind. Resting my head on your shoulder transports me back in time.

To our summers with AJ, and holidays away,
You were never too tired to laugh and play.
We’d wake up at six and have some bread,
Before putting on your aprons and making the bed.
We’d read the paper and make some tea,
No one else up, just you and me!
When Steph finally got up we’d have Wiggly Worms,
We’d beg to wash up and even took turns!
There was water on the floor, and bubbles in our hair,
You were so patient and loving and always so fair.

“Now girls I need some milk” you’d say,
And we’d run off down to the shop and stay all day.
You watched us there, and the lady watched us back.
We’d emerge an hour later with our giant sweetie sack.
Mum would get all worried “Where were you?”
We were just adding up all our penny chews!
Before long it would be time for another cup of tea,
Or rather warm sugary milk for me!!
And then it was time for Auntie to come,
You would tell us stories of when you were young.
I hope Steph and I are as close are you two,
We were doubly lucky to have both of you.

Auntie would bring the cakes for a treat,
Mum and I would sample the meat!
Then we’d lay the table and dust the legs,
Hang out the washing and play with the dolly pegs.
Then it was time for us all to sit down.
Smiling and laughing, never a frown.

You gave me the needles and taught me how to knit.
It would go so well and then I’d lose a stitch!
Sometimes we’d go to the beach or to town,
Or, just have a little sit down.
“I’m resting my eyes,” you’d smile and say,
So we’d get the carpet broom and play
We would take out go-kart and skateboard in the yard.
Running around and laughing hard.
You’d go in the pantry and pull out the post box.
We’d count out 50ps. Lots and lots.
You were so generous and caring always thinking of us,
We’d save our money without any fuss.

We warmed the butter ready for tea.
“What’s for Pudding?” “Go and see”
Hundred of Vienettas stacked in the drawers.
“I’ll have that one!” “That one is yours!”
Later we’d have a special Matey bubble bath,
While our towels warmed by the hearth.
We’d play with the little boats and splash around,
Then you’d apply our talcum powder cloud!
I’d read Pip the Pixie before I went to bed
And off to Fairyland I was led.

Memories of holidays fill my head,
“I’ve never been to Blackpool” you said.
We saw the horses and explored the town
“We’ve walked a long way!” you said with a frown.
We all wet ourselves laughing, “You’re one to talk.
We pushed you all day, we have walked and walked!!”
In Torquay there was the giant hill,
And you and Auntie fought over every bill.
Chalets at Butlins and walks on the sand,
Hankies on head and ice creams in hand.
(music notes) “Hey Baby, Ooh Ahh,”
And walkie talkies in the car.
Dad bumped our dodgem and it got stuck under the side
Auntie had kittens but you took it in your stride!

As we eat Magic Stars and read our book.
I see you remember, it’s in your look.
You hold my hand and look at me too,
I love you too Nanny xxx

I wrote this poem as I visited with my Nanny (Grandmother) a few years ago. She suffered from Alzheimers and sadly at that time was unable to communicate. It was read recently at her funeral and still rings so true today. She was a truly incredible lady and I have so many amazing memories of our time together.

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