What I like about steemit: A Fun Blogging Platform VS Crypto making machine?

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Most steemit members see the platform as a place to make money because that is what they were told or see especially when they concentrate on trending and hot pages. On the other hand, however, apart from making more crypto´s (steem and steem dollars) , steemit has many other unique values that it offers to its members-here are some points:

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Networking: I joined steemit for the money , however stayed for the community , people and knowledge. In fact, steemit is a great platform to meeting new people and thus make new friends, organize events and party´s . @papa-pepper , for example , do organize many get together events with fellow steemians . Moreover, an amazing get together by @karensuestudios and @teamsteem In Canada and USA shows how steemit is bringing interesting people together .
Moreover, there are a lot of innovative minds in steemit platform , collaborating and planning for the next big thing especially on joining a great undervalued token-example is www.elyte.tech .

Knowledge: It is argued that knowledge is power –this is true because with great knowledge comes success and power and we acquire knowledge through learning and experience-which is what steemit provides. In fact, new members should take out time to learn how things are done here, make friend / contacts and thus get more experience before they engage in full time blogging. Moreover, you can learn here about cooking, travelling, cryptocurrencies , blogging, nature , wild life etc.

Conclusion : Apart from crypto´s , steemit is a fun blogging platform, a knowledge hub, great for networking/ learning new things . In fact, steemit is more than just one thing - as indicated in this blog post. Therefore, there is no need for anyone to complain about the monetary part (money will surely come if you concentrate on other great part of steemit) rather we all should see the bigger picture and act accordingly.

Do you agree? send in your comments, resteem and upvote in order to send in your support.

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Steemit is indeed more than money and I prefer the knowledge, education and networking side of this great platform which is changing lives -positively daily..therefore do not put your eyes on only money rather other top values of steemit and money will surely come with time

You analysed it well...thanks for your comment

Steemit is fun, personally I see it as a blogging platform where I air my thoughts and try out different topics but it's not possible to ignore the financial aspect. As good as your article might be, you don't feel good of it doesn't receive the attention it deserves

good point, I agree

This feels like the future of social media. Glad i got here when i did. Im having a lot if fun here and meeting some amazing people. Resteemed

Very good point and thanks for the resteem

I came to steemit because it exposes you to refreshing ideas, interesting people,participation in several vibrant friendly communities all the while rewarding you for the valuable time spent engaging in the platform unlike other social media sites.

Point.....I agree ...you even make it here more than other social sites

Could not agree more. I also came for the money but now I do see it mere as a nice side effect.
I like to read opinions about various topics and like to discuss these with the steem community.
People just do use the interaction possibilities we have here enough!
We have just started with creating a sports betting community. Maybe not your cup of tea, but I just want to show that it brings people together.
The biggest difference with facebook, is that in facebook I do know my FB friends in real life. Here on the Steem blockchain I do get connected with people from all over the world. All of my Steem friends I have never met before in real life!
It is just great!
Like you wrote let's focus on the good things, in stead of keep on repeating that the system is broken. The system is not broken, we break it by not interacting enough with each other.
The average post/comment ratio according to the stats from @arcange is a miserable 2.6. If we compare this with facebook, twitter or other social media it is a shame!
Just my 2 cents!

Good point , you analysed it well.

Everything, here on steemit is an opportunity👍. Sharing thoughts and emotions about something then get paid for it? How great is that!!💸💸💸 Its like you're an athlete and you are beng paid for something you want to play. This platform is a dream come true.
Thank you for sharing @charles1

Good point, you analysed it well....you also get more than money...knowledge is power

It is happening, because whenever Steemians introduce Steemit, they tell that it is a way to make money online. So you get many people here, who sign up with big dreams and leave the platform after some weeks.
I also joined Steemit as a platform to earn money, but didnt gave up. I like it and loved the people here. It became a part of my daily routine and left other social media websites for it :)

Very good point indeed...patience helps too

Maybe those two factors intertwine and even reinforce each others. It's established, that social media can be seductive, as well as playing with money (aka gambling) is. Those two combined make a strong pair!

As I said at some other time, you know that I live from what I generate on the platform, as the payments in (my case) are low I have to make an effort to publish more, however not everything I do for the money, before working in Golos I earned money just as in this platform, however I no longer advertised on that platform, the most important thing that money, is to feel comfortable, what I like most are the relationships with people, it is nice and warm.
Excellent post dear friend @ charles1, many sgracias for sharing all those tips
I wish you a great day

Welcome my dear one....what happened with Golos? I am sure that things will improve on steemit for all of us...more success

Well the trending pages are really a place a new bie must not go to, instead focusing on being original, creative and engaging

Good point, thanks for your comment

Steemit is a great community over the world. I think it is a place for justify the quality. I always learn from here.althogh I came here instead of money matter but I get much enjoyment here. I give time more than Facebook. I want to gather knowledge from great streamers like yours.your story is just amazing......

It is happening, because whenever Steemians introduce Steemit, they tell that it is a way to make money online. So you get many people here, who sign up with big dreams and leave the platform after some weeks.
I also joined Steemit as a platform to earn money, but didnt gave up. I like it and loved the people here. It became a part of my daily routine and left other social media websites for it :)

Very good point, the financial perception of new members is an issue. Thanks for your comment

There was a time when the steem was so low that it was not very logical to continue dedicating time to the platform, but nevertheless I like steemit I like to learn here, in this place there are super wise people and others with a lot of talent, at the beginning between here to make money but now I am because this is like my other social networks but with more things to gain than none and it is not money but knowledge

Very good point indeed, good that you see the big picture. More success to you.

Yes @charles1 I totally agree with you and very easy to earn crypto rather then other monetize sites

Point, thanks for your comment

Steemit Platform is creative and helpful:)

Oh, I absolutely agree with you. In addition to your points, Steemit is also an up and coming platform which makes it all the more fun to use most people are eager to interact with and learn from one another unlike on sprawling social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Hence, it is really easy to get more reach to your own words and help out more people at the same time.
The fact that you can get paid for what the crowd likes is actually a neat bonus which essentially motivates you interact more with the people on Steemit.
It's a really fun place to start a blog and reach out to others.

Thanks for your view point, I agree with you

El dinero es una parte fundamental de la plataforma de steemit, pero hay que reconocer que no es solo dinero, hay entrenamientos, conocimientos y como en toda red social, existen las relaciones y las amistades que se conocen dentro de ella.

Money is a fundamental part of the platform of steemit, but we must recognize that it is not just money, there are trainings, knowledge and as in any social network, there are relationships and friendships that are known within it.

Point, I agree

Dead on! Of course the making money part is appealing, but steemit really is the futuristic version of fb, insta and all the rest. Minus the creepy stalking lol I think the main two reasons that steemit hasn't already taken the alternatives over yet. Is convenience (everyone is already on the other sites) and the interface.

Once Steemit makes some upgrades and more people join. It will be the new fb, insta, reddit all wrapped in one. With the bonus of crypto!

Very good analysis of the platforms, I agree and thanks for your comment

Steemit attracts people because they see opportunity to get easy money. I mean it seems much easier to start earning here than on youtube or some where else. I got interested about the platform because of the money also. Easy money doesn’t exist though. There is only short term money and that you’ll get if you abuse the system and in reality you will suffer and everyone will suffer. Don’t kill the goose who lays golden eggs.

This said I started to search interesting people and accounts. It takes time which is asset that I trade on here, but I think it is worth it once you find somebody interesting and actually meet new people! And we have to remeber that steemit is only 2 years old platform. Remember how the youtube was like when it was 2 years old? You can check it here: http://tenyearsago.io

Thank you for this engaging post!

Welcome and thanks a lot for your good comment...steemit is indeed just starting , amazing times will surely come ...more success to you

I agree with your conclusion. Steemit is a fun blogging platform and then with a interesting one thing: the crypto.

So, who can go from steemit?

Point!!! however some only fovus on the crypto side...

And you know, pssst is actually a crypto just a bonus. but the most helpful, you can give a flag on the comments of negative comments. it certainly can reduce the attitude of bullying.

Yeah, the attitude of bullying is a lot of social media such as Instagram and Facebook. I'm really sad to see comment comments there especially in artist/famous account. It was horrible

First I came here for earning crpyto, but I found good people so I am just sticking around to have good conversations with them.

Amen to that..I agree

my opinion is that joining steemit personally consist on sharing valuable work even withg no upvote i ll still be happy with people reading my work and support me with feedback , before steemit i was on blogger . i got no views nocomments . it was really depressing , however after steemit things has changed a bit and i m grateful foe that .
ps. i m working on a book here , it's called a story like no other , chapter 14 so far and stil; progressing , if you got any tips to promote my work plz let me know
thnks .

Very good point, I like it..the only way to promote here is through bots

All the articles about making money on SteemIt is annoying. The many posts about it all over the site is plain spam. What happened to having a love for writing, and writing for the pure joy of it?

Point, I agree

I guess most of us join Steem with the same goals as yours, more or less.
Thanks for making quality post like this and I just invited you to the Minnowbooster whitelist program so you will be entitled to buy more votes for content promotion upon invitation approval.

Welcome and thanks for your tip

Couldn't agree more. Fun, learning, socializing, networking ... and of course a little bonus in terms of our holy grail, STEEM.

Point, I agree...all in one with bonus

You're spot on "I joined steemit for the money , however stayed for the community , people and knowledge" I absolutely can relate.

When I realized the money wasn't really coming, what kept me going were the quality conversations, respect and sheer knowledge on this platform. Am sure most people can relate too

Very good point and I am sure that the money will come later

This is a bad idea for me. Unfortunately for many of the members of the platform we must strive to develop ourselves and develop our information

Good Idea on the aspect of self development

I really like the diversity of Steemit. This platform makes it easier for me to find the things that I am interested in, music, crypto, food, and flower photography.

Good point, it is indeed a diverse platform

I agree, I have been here on Steemit for approximately a week now, and I'm LOVING IT!! All this great info and amazing people. Thanks for this :o)

Welcome to steemit and see my older posts for tips on how to succeed here. I wish you success

This is a great way to see it. So, people will don't be disappointed, when they will no earnigs. Enjoy the time here, meet new people and making friends here. Will make your stay here fun.

Very good point, that is the key

Yeah...thanks to you to make it clear to us.😊

money will surely come if you concentrate on other great part of steemit

I entirely agree with that. Steemit has a lot to offer. You can learn the specific thing that you're interested in. You can blog about it and share your knowledge.

You can make video, share picture, meme and so on. The most important part is that you can connect with like-minded people easily.

Steemit is an interesting site indeed

for my own view steemit is a great opportunity for everyone. steemit giving us all opportunity to change our life to fullfill our dreams and help financial needs.just be patience and success will follow..

Hlo friends

Vote for vote 👍🏻

Hey! Checkout blog post on eSteem!

Thank you 🙏


Authentic post! glad to know there are creators like you here. If you wanna see similar post, check my post as well.