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  • Teaching is the nobel profession *
    An example of how great teacher's profession is, today I got to read the story of Munshi Premchand *. Pandit Chandradhar, a teacher of this story, is not satisfied with his job, and his mind continues to grow. His neighbor, Thakur Abbal Singh is a police station and due to his rab his house remains chic, and in other neighboring Baisnath tahsil, there is Naib Tehsildar, he also has a rab in the entire village. Though Chandrar ji's salary is equal to both of them But because of the higher income of the neighbors, due to their royal lifestyle and due respect to the whole village, the teacher always kept quiet in mind. Once Shankar Saheb and Naib Sahab make a trip to Ayodhya, and the teacher takes the initiative to cooperate with the temptation to make pilgrimage on their expenses. When you climb in the train, the family of the Shankar Saheb and the family of Nayab Sahib becomes different. Teacher shifts in train with the Thane Saheb. There was a lot of crowd and two people were sitting on the seat when the SHO asked a man to rise, he said that I will not wake up at all, if you have to shake your shackles then go to the police station. You once had framed me in a false case and left the amount of bribe. Now stand up. The other passenger is asked to give the seat, and the other passenger also shouts to the shahari sahib that once you have not finished without any stomach you were stabbing me. Just like, when the station comes, when the station comes, the sub-inspectors come down, then the other passengers of the train throw their luggage down. As if they are boarded in another compartment. On the other side, the naib tehsildar, Sahab starts drunking in the second compartment of the train. The knee starts and vomiting starts to move forward from Lucknow. Seeing the arrival of his friend, Shankar Saheb also goes down and the teacher also goes down together. If you go to a doctor there, then the doctor gets old acquaintance and tells the Tahsildar sir, that once you took the amount of bribe from me in the court, now you have to pay the fees before treatment, then you will start treatment. . Treatment at high fees starts right after four to five days, when Ayodhya reaches, there is no place, and they camp with open families in the open sky. The rain starts in the night, at the same time a young lantern gets roamed and passes by listening to the voice of the teacher and asks him that you are Chandrar ji, what is the teacher? When the teacher asks who you are, then he says That's what I have read in the first and second classes. My father was working in your village. Now I am working in the municipality of Ayodhya. You go to my house when the teacher Chandrar tells them that if we are more than 10 then he would say no matter I have a separate house. There you will all be comfortable. He takes them home to the present. By making a delicious dish, he makes a meal, and staying in Ayodhya brings a glimpse of every dham. After several days when he returns to the station, he comes to deliver the station and salutes the prince with touching the feet of Pandit ji. Teacher Chandraraji gets big change in his nature when he returns home. Now he is proud to be his teacher and never try to go to another department .......
    The greatest work is to provide education.
  • Be proud of being your teacher *
    Thank you from other group

Motive story and intresting.

शिक्षक ही जिम्मेदार शिक्षा के गिरते स्तर के लिए - सरकारी स्कूलों में शिक्षकों को मोटी तनख्वाह सरकार देती है। इनमें से ज्यादतर शिक्षकों ने लाखों रूपये देकर बी एड की डिग्री हासिल की है डिग्रियां तो है पढ़ाने का ठीक प्रकार का ज्ञान नहीं है।सरकार ने नौकरी पर लगा दिया है, इस प्रकार की स्थिति देश के लिए भी घातक है इसका कारण सरकारी स्कूलों के बच्चे किसी भी प्रतियोगी परीक्षा में असहाय नजर आते हैं।

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