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Kunanyi is the indigenous name for Mount Wellington which at 1,271 m (4,170 ft) towers over Hobart, Tasmania. (In 2013, Tasmania adopted a policy of using both names.) It is Hobart's biggest attraction and much of the city is built on its foothills. The photo, above, was taken from the top of the Lenah Valley, Hobart.


This photo was taken from the bottom of the Lenah Valley.


Another view of the mountain from nearby Glenorchy. In every photo, you can see the communications tower which consists of a 67-metre-tall reinforced concrete base topped by a 64-meter-tall steel superstructure that supports an elevator and 3 antennas.

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Wellington Park
Pinnacle (geology)


Photos taken with my Canon SX620 HS in Hobart, Tasmania

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What a gorgeous mountain @kansuze! Really huge looking, I like
the different views from the valley and very beautiful trees too! :-)
Can you ride the elevator in the tower?

Sorry, that elevator is off limits. Most people don't even know it's there, but there is a nice building, trails and lookouts for the public. I will do a much larger post at some point.