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Hello Steemians

Here are a few random pics of frozen waterfalls.
Waterfalls are always an attraction, and I think frozen ones are
just as appealing in their own way.

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

IMG_1391 (2).JPG

It was interesting watching these two. Crampons worn on the feet, an ice axe, helmet,
rope and a lot of nerve.

Johnson Canyon, Banff, Alberta, Canada


A very popular hike, through a canyon, leads to these amazing falls.

Balls Falls, Ontario, Canada




I don't think I will be scaling any frozen waterfalls anytime soon, but I love the aesthetics! It hasn't been cold enough here to freeze a waterfall for years, but I love the look of it.

Thank you @goat-girlz , it was cool watching, but I agree, not my thing, it is getting quite popular here.
I'm not too sure how this new system works, do I post in my community or on my blog, or post twice?

I have no idea! I took a long vacation from Steemit, and now the rules have changed. I will have to ask around...

I did the same... needed a break, returned and it’s different... lol

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I never left it and I don't know what's happening!

lol... I can’t post on busy anymore either... just adding to the confusion... lol

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So I figured out that if you have a friend who follows some communities, you can access their communities so you can follow them too. Tada! lol

Yeah, I'm struggling a little with the differences. I don't adapt well!

The beauty of nature you captured wonderfully. 😊

Thank you! There are some advantages to Winter.

Awesome frozen waterfalls photography.

Thank you @kamrunnahar nice to look at but I would never climb up one

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