Aloe vera can also be grown at home

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Only with your home-grown aloe vera can
we be sure that it does not contain insecticides
or other chemicals.
You can easily grow it at home and prepare your
own home remedies.
If we grow aloe ourselves, we can prepare a
medicinal mixture from its leaves, we only
need aloe leaves, some honey and brandy,
for the casserole.
Such a mixture helps cleanse the body as it removes bacteria, viruses and also fungi and strengthens the body's defense system.


In addition to its healing effects, aloe vera is an undemanding plant and can therefore be grown indoors.
Aloe vera does not need much water to grow,
but can grow from 60 inches to 100 inches in

However, when buying a plant, be careful to
get the right aloe vera.

Keep it in your home education for about a
year, and then you can use a leaf to prepare
some medicinal preparations.


Transplant it every two years, in a larger pot
is the one, because the roots grow faster than
the leaves. Room temperature for successful
growth. aloe vera should be between 20 and
25 ºC.

Aloe is resistant to cold, but does not tolerate temperatures below 0 ºC.
When watering, do not wet the leaves to avoid
rot. In summer we water only once a week, and
in winter we water only once a month.


Preparation of a healing mixture is simple,
cut aloe vera leaves into pieces, dry them
with a paper towel, put them in a jar.
Pour 50 milliliters of brandy and 500 grams
of honey on 350 grams of aloe vera leaves,
mix well.

Keep the glass with the mixture in the
refrigerator, enjoy half an hour before
eating 3 times a tablespoon.

I managed my aloe vera, it grows nicely.
In the first two photos, there is aloe vera
when I brought it from the store and
transplanted it, and the other two photos
are aloe vera 4 months old.

Image: photographies from my LG Q7

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