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Namaskar 🙏
How are you all? Hope you all are doing well and enjoying yourself, if not just take a deep breath and spend some time with nature.

Here is my entry for the contest #amazingnature #01 hosted by @adalger.

beauty is in the eyes of beholder.

Nature teaches us many lessons , like keep patience, always spread joy , happiness and positivity. Nature is the creation of God and we all are fasinated with nature's beauty , nature has a great healing power. Most amazing thing is that no matter what kinda of thing it is, all looks so beautiful.
Look at this tree


Now look at this tree

Both are so beautiful even both creation, shape, colours are different but both are beautiful at their own place.

it's shows that there is no parameters to masures the beauty. Everything is beautiful on their way, it's totally depends on our perspective.

Like this we human are also the creation of God and we all are so beautiful in own way.
There are no parameter to measure the beauty, we need just a pure heart which contains lots of love and positivity and a wide smile ,nothing else.

But irony is that we are obsessed with fair skin color and some other standards. I saw that we set some standard to measure the beauty, like some consider lighter skin tone is more beautiful than darker skin tone. It is compulsory to see thin if u want to look beautiful. ( Stay fit is good for health not for beauty)
Who decide that standards? We human, no one else.
There are many discrimination based on skin color, even in schools, fair-skinned child being given lead role in any drama or group dance without considered the impact of these discrimination on those child's heart and mind. Children feeling inferior due to their darker complexion.
Studies show that colour-based discrimination, and any other, may result in the child growing up with low self-esteem , inferiority complex and so on. They become (usually a girl) being under-confident and timid.

You can see many fairness creams and product in the market. even in the case of marriages, a person's skin-tone often become a key determinant of how "good" a match they will get. Pick up any matrimonial section and visit any site you will find that:

Wanted a fair, well-educated girl or boy.

I ask why?

Don't they deserve good partner?. Is there any crime to have dark complexion. They bring up to listen one dailog; who will marry u?

And one can easily rejected other one because of her dark complexion without considering other factors.

how did white become the superior skin colour.

Just want to say that don't make any discrimination due to that stupid reasons.
and it's only Oye thought and perspective. As I said earlier everyone is beautiful. Beauty is in the eyes of beholder.

The thing is that you can't control anyone else's behavior but your own.

So love yourself, do whatever u like and being confident. Believe me we all are so beautiful:-)

Aahaaa...I just try to connect my point of view with nature and this contest, so that I can spread this message. Hope you will understand.

And thanks again @adlegar for this amazing contest.



Love the purple tree

Thanks for visiting 😊

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Hey there @mysteriousroad !

This is such a lovely and beautiful post !! .. beauty is in the eyes of beholder .. you are so totally right with that.

Especially the colour of the skin, the land were are born in, and so many other factors are such a stupid reasen are the source of world wide discrimination ! .. over humankinds history this has so often led to stupid, senseless and inhuman actions and wars all over the world .. this is soo sad but true .. I would like to say that nowadays people grow smarter regarding this, more reflected, but I get so often disappointed in those wishes .. especially this business with beauty, this heartless usage of how insecure, vuönerable and easily manipulatable the youth is, this false promises just to get some money out of it, makes it even worse. It is so sad but true :( Most of this products are so useless anyway and they are selling us expensive lies in the end.

The really beauty is not our skin, our thin, or the creams we are bathing in. It is our souls, hearts and charackters that are hidden deep within.

Thank you for that great entry !

Best wishes,

Yes! Irony is that we are in 21th century and still face these kind of discrimination..I've a request, no matter my entry will be select or not as a winner entry , I'll be greatful if u conclude this message in ur post... sorry for late reply.

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Indeed beauty of nature can`t be compared.
Also this goes for the humans as well.

As you were also aware of the advertisements, these days about complexions.
you woundt believe I have not seen news channels except NDTV and rest are spreading hate, rumors, religions and more garbage and didnt even talk about the things that are to be.

I hope you understand guru g

Hmm..ryt...I understood:-)

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It's so true: there is no parameters to masures the beauty. And I like the way you combine Nature and a positive message about people. Congrats.

Thanks 😊

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I really wanted to reply to this post via post. But that may take time. Also i want this post to have some good views.
But let's see where we stand, so that we can better ourselves.

There is so much i want to talk about but it might talk a while to get those thoughts in paper. All I can say is keep exploring such things which sticks out and need to be spoken out loud.

Still I've some doubts about it.... I mean how to face that fear,or fear of rejection... somewhere I know the answer: love yourself or so on...but there is a question , how?😅

I hope u'll get my point 😅
It is that: how to love yourself...

You know what.. I will answer your question in a post atleast will try to answer. Let's see how it goes. :-)

Ok... waiting...

Arey yaar kya bolun kuch ka kuch ho gaya.. post to gadbad ho gaya.. movie bhi nahi dekh paya.. (+_+)

Arey kuch nahi likhna to serious story chahta tha but comedy ho gayi.. but i think it deserves a second chance aaj phir se ek serious post try karunga.
Dekhte hain kya hota hain. :-)

So beautiful trees! You are right, we are all beautiful justo the way we are. We don't hace to try to be like someone else just because we think they are perfect and we aren't. We are all perfect and beautiful in our own special ways 😊 thank you for this important message!

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Yes! We all are special and beautiful in our way... thanks for visiting:-)

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