Alabama Amazon Workers Trying to Establish Union

in #amazon2 months ago

Amazon workers are pushing for unionization and of all places they're looking to make it happen in Alabama.

If they succeed then it might fuel a chain reaction around the country. The workers want better working conditions but it isn't going to be an easy win trying to establish a union with the 2nd largest employer in the country.

There are thousands of employees who are organizing and trying to make this happen.

They have already started mail-in voting for the warehouse in Alabama, the company has also allegedly been putting up signs urging workers to vote no on that effort.

Amazon has denied trying to use any intimidation tactics to prevent workers from unionization. But it's reported that there are posters and signs around bathroom stalls and other areas that urge employees to vote no. Workers allege that Amazon is behind a disinformation campaign in the warehouse.

If they are successful in Alabama then that would be the first union for the company to be established. The last time that they tried this was several years ago back in 2014.

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