Amazon launches Prime Reading in Italy

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PIAN PIANO Amazon's US services reserved for Prime subscribers also expand to other markets. The store in the world has indeed announced that within the 36 euros of the annual rate will also include the new Prime Reading. A sort of free access to a wide catalog of e-books for your device (Kindle and not only) among the best known and sold titles including Harry Potter and the Philosopher 's Stone by JK Rowling, Where Andrea Caschetto's Rainbow is born , It is a beautiful day by Amabile Giusti, Stoner by John Edward Williams, Certi Momenti by Andrea Camilleri and many others.

Prime customers can start reading immediately by downloading the free Kindle application for iOS and Android or using Kindle e-readers or Fire series tablets. The offer includes books, comics and other content, even for children, which will constitute a catalog updated on rotation. No additional cost for those who already pay Prime, the mode for free and unlimited deliveries in one day on over two million products and in 2 or 3 days on many millions more.

As well known Prime also includes unlimited streaming of movies and TV series thanks to Prime Video, an unlimited and secure storage space for photos with Prime Photos, in-game content every month at no additional cost with Twitch Prime and access preview to the lightning offers of the platform.

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