My Steem Ambassador Application | Growing TeamMalaysia @bitrocker2020

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About Me and TeamMalaysia

As most of you know me as @bitrocker2020 , however most of my friends call me Simon, currently residing in Kuala Lumpur the capital of beautiful Malaysia. I've been on steemit since late May 2017 and after understanding the entire mechanics of the Steem Blockchain, I knew that there was no way a minnow is able to grow on Steemit without investing their fiat into it unless they are part of a community.

That was how TeamMalaysia started . It was just merely connecting with other known Steemians who was posting using the tags of Malaysia and quickly setting up the main source of communication then which was Facebook.

Facebook Group : Steem Malaysia Growth Rate
Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 4.28.58 PM.png

Witness No. 97

I currently run a witness node since September 2017 and have just upgraded my servers due to the increase of size of the blockchain over the couple of months. Here are my specs :

Xeon E3
2x2 TB HDD
1gbit/s network

Promotion thru Events

The only way I knew how to promote The Steem Blockchain was of course thru events and I managed to seek the help of other steemians around Malaysia who provided all the support they could.

These are just some of our many many talks about Steemit. Now even these events are done not only by me however by other steemians as well such as @maverickfoo , @danieldoughty , @digitalmind , @wilsonkoh , @dilresh , @diamondray , @davidke20 , @calebleejl , @angiechin28 , @perennial and just so many more.

All statistics are taken from January '18 - March '18


The main tag which most malaysian uses to support each other as a community.

No. of Authors1,169
Total No of Posts13,620
Total Votes Received379,122
Total Comments Received94,583
Total Payouts67,986.26 SBD

more details on statistics here more analytics of our tags

Why I Promote Steem/ Steemit & want to Become a Steem Ambassador

  1. Be the change : Because I believe in growing the community of Steemians in Malaysia and also provide as much support to our neighbouring countries in South East Asia and showcase the great talents from this part of the world . The Steem Blockchain has changed many lives around the globe, especially in Asia where the average income per household is relatively low . By outreaching and helping thru offline initiatives bringing them online , it would surely help a lot of people.

  2. Support more initiatives : Help other interest groups grow such as music, dance , archisteem and many more. By doing this it helps to indirectly gain more interest from none steemians and most importantly it helps the existing steemians to be more participative in the community.

  3. Steem Events : To host Steem Events which provides updates and better bonding between steemians from South East Asia and the rest of the world. More details would be coming soon.

How I aim to achieve this.

These are just some of my ongoing initiatives to help achieve the set goals :-

  • Get more users onboard steemit by running more events in urban and sub urban cities.

  • Provide support for better quality content by having Masterclasses and Bootcamps focusing on Steemit and creating better content

  • Enable and engage with other steemians to run more activities within their locality.

  • Have more speaking slot in blockchain talks such as The Blockchain Train . This would show existing crypto investors the potential of steem and why they should invest into it

  • Onboard more businesses to accept Steem such as BIG HUG BURGERS , MALAYSIA

  • Provide support for Charitable foundations such as ( Destiny Homes Orphanage ) & Deserving Associations which has made an impact on the community.


This is my application for Steem Ambassador , I do like to thank @danieldoughty and @cryptocurator for reaching out and introducing me to this great initiative which I hope to be a part of.

Have a great weekend !


Awesome. I wish to give my 1 million percent is there is such thing of support on this application. He is the key driver to the growth of Steemit In the region, a man of wisdom and just that is passionate in steem and steem blockchain.

Thanks bro for the super support !

I vouch for Simon aka @bitrocker2020! Not because I know him since school days (4 years only and he sits behind me, I can't recall if I ever play police and thief with him during school recess) but because he walks the talk. He selflessly build the team from ground up, with challenges of course and yet he soldier it like a true Commando. He is a man of few words, always thinking how best to approach on things. Let me know how you need our support, will be there! Resteeming this and getting all the babes to support. Keep it up bro, you can do this because you are already there!

Hey, anytime bro. Holler anytime if you need support.

Good job @bitrocker2020,
We always support from behind...

Good job carry on @bitrocker2020

We @teammalaysia will support you 1000% @bitrocker2020

Fully support 100% .. all my force be with you bro !!!

For Malaysia, I think you are the signature icon jor. Support, go go!

Appreciate the support @kimzwarch

No problem boss!

Very happy to see your application Simon. I see an immense dedication to spreading the use of Steemit and the Steem Blockchain backed with passion, hardwork and a great mission and humanitarian spirit at it's core. I would look forward to collaborating. Best Wishes

thanks for taking your time and explaining the initiatives of promo-steem to me

2018-03-12 11.24.41.jpg

This footprints on the sand says it all...

Rooting for you to be Malaysia's Steem Ambassador. With your vision to embrace ALL communities in Steemit World similar to real life on the ground, Simon, you may as well run for PM and truly celebrate diversity!

Under your leadership, may all Malaysian communities in TeamMalaysia thrive and make Malaysia proud again on the world map. AMEN.

LoL .. running for PM is surely not in my bucket list . Thanks for the kind words

We support you @bitrocker2020 😊

On behalf of #teammalaysia, we would like to express our gratitude: Thank You!

Thanks @legendchew .. really appreciate it

Well done @bitrocker2020. I fully support u...

You are the best @bitrocker2020, support you 100%..Thank you so much on you effort!

Thanks @chanelcalestus .. appreciate the support

Hey @bitrocker2020 I really support you on this and can't thank you enough for all the effort that you have put into Team Malaysia. Thank you for helping me and I am so grateful that I am a part of Team Malaysia. I hope to be able to do more for Team Malaysia in time to come! Upvoted and resteemed!

I'm sure your expertise and experience is well required. 😁

You got my 101% support for this!!! 👍

Thank you, @bitrocker2020 , for all that you do - don't know how you do it. Your tireless push for and on behalf of #teammalaysia knows no boundaries... All the best for this initiative! 💪

Malaysian witness on fire! Thanks for the mention! Getting slight international Steemians attention di :D Wohoo!

w00t ... u need to make FireBurgers already bro

Ini mesti support bro. Thank you for thr contribution given.

You were a STEEM ambassador before there was an application for it. If anybody is quaified, it's definitely you!

thanks @branlee87 .. we are all ambassadors in our own way . thanks for the awesome support =D

That's true, bro. Glad it's you though that's at the forefront of leading the rest of us ambassadors :)

Can see how much you really care for the community through your actions alone

@bitrocker2020 Woah, you're truly impressive big bro. Show the world what us can do :D

lets place Malaysian Steemians on the Global map for good reasons eh !

Support! Thanks for the contribution to #teammalaysia 🙌

all the best man! we all depend on you :)

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It was not an easy task to build a #teammalaysia community from scratch here in Malaysia.
But to make it into huge community within less than 1 year is sooo amazing.
Respect for you @bitrocker2020. You are more than qualified to be an ambassador.

Thanks bro ... The growth is a combination of efforts from everyone which I'm truly greatful of . Aramaiti

Tatap bah, we will support you 100% @bitrocker2020 :)

Wahh!... You are already an ambassador for #teammalaysia before the position was officially announced Big Bro... you have all the skills and connection and I believe you're super qualified for this... all the best!

Thx bro @sireh .. let's all grow the community together as one big family

Best Sifu! Best of luck bro Keep Rockin Those Chains ;)

Go go @bitrocker2020. I m part of #teammalaysia and #teammalaysiababes support u and support each other too !

Go go go, @bitrocker2020.Let theTeam Malaysia engine keep moving.

"You don't know what you've been told,
#teammalaysia is brave and bold!"

Jia You! Jia You! @bitrocker2020
#teammalaysia & #teammalaysiababes are behind you all the way!! and cheering you on!

cheers @noriaakip ... your unending support makes it all worthwhile !

Support... we all have the common agenda and you can always rely on our support

You are the obvious choice for the role @bitrocker2020 and you have the support of everyone at #teammalaysia as a Steem Ambassador. Can't wait to see all the initiatives being rolled out in time to come

Thanks @karinzdailygrind ... Whatever the support .. it would surely be beneficial to the community

I support and second that 110% for you to be steem ambassador. Your experience in blockchain techonology and running as witness shows that you are the right person to be steem ambassador. Commitment in growing @teammalaysia as priority is much appreciated.

thanks bro ! we need more ppl like yourself to grow this even bigger

Wow 2 pro sama sama oh @bitrocker2020 and @danieldoughty

There's no doubt that you are more than qualified to be a Steem Ambassador @bitrocker2020, I'm 100% sure that you will be elected.

haha .. thanks @beverlyjoe ... looking forward in supporting the community better

We'll #teammalaysia support you @bitrocker2020 . Good job

thanks @audrewclaire .. your support meants alot

Hello, Thanks for such a great application and all the fantastic work you have been doing to increase awareness about the steem blockchain and its potential applications!

We at #promo-steem and @steem-ambassador have reviewed your application to become a Steem Ambassador and we are pleased to say that we would like to propose your candidacy to the community per the Application Approval Process HERE!!! :)

In order to proceed we would like to know that you are happy to follow the Steem Ambassador Responsibilities and Guidelines outlined HERE & HERE.

Please respond below with your positive response and we will proceed to propose you to the Steemit community as a Steem Ambassador!!


hey @steem-ambassador ... thanks for the consideration, i would love to be part of the team. however there is only 1 point which may not be able to comply. will explain it further thru discord

@steem-ambassador .. After having a chat with @starkerz and other steem-ambassador i would love to move forward and proceed with the application ! 😁😁😁😁

Amazing,very interesting...
I support your application @bitrocker2020
And I have approved your as my witness.

Yes you go Simon - go get it !!!

Can anyone join team Malaysia?

Malaysians only. But you can always root for Simon Pang @bitrocker2020 to be our Ambassador. Thank you for your enquiry. :)

Good work brother. You are working hard for the steemit community.

elected for sure