Right On Car & MC meeting 2018 Fredrikstad, Norway

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The RIGHT ON BIL & MC meeting is open to all types of enthusiastic vehicles.
Car or MC, old or new, original or rebuilt, European, American, Asian, Street cars, amcars, sports cars, veterans, cruisers, hot rods, 4x4, cafe racers, full-dressers or choppers. 

Has a long tradition of organizing such motor meetings.
Around 500 cars / MC find their way every summer to this popular meeting.
And many visitors who want to see the great cars. 

If you want to see more pictures from  Right On Car & MC meeting, just press the play on the video

   Camera CANON EOS 2000D  18-55 DC-objektiv  

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Looks like a great car show... i love the craftsmanship of classic cars! Thanks for sharing!

Hi @brian.rrr

Nice that you like it, thanks

all unique and rare cars that appear
on your post today

still new and well maintained
very well
I can see it again, here is @xpilar

only on in you posting
succses fo tou and AMCAR FREDRIKSTAD, NORWAY

Regards @sultan-aceh

Thank you so much @sultan-aceh

Bunches of beautiful photos wow!!! Can't stop staring at those beautiful looking car, there are some Odie car in your above photography they are just too beautiful, I can't imagine if I were at that gathering/meeting to have see many beautiful such cars, wow!!!

This fredrikstad full of wonder's things especially in term of leisure to see beautiful things around, and street car fredrikstad.

Your captured were too good and quality,
I went up again to have a glance look again hehehe, I can't even choose one of my favorite coz lot of cars shots above, everything is eye's catching and mouth widely open wow! Wow!! Wow!!!

I love this tradition of meeting of AMCAR FREDRIKSTAD, NORWAY motor.

Thanks Snr. @xpilar for share these beautiful photography from that meeting.

Hi @davidad

Thank you for the nice words about the pictures, nice that you like our exhibition.

Yes those beautiful shots are pleased to sight...thx for sharing your awesome exhibition with us ... Very good captured.. Snr. @xpilar

One of the entertaining exhibitions. My hubby loves to restore cars, in the past he restored Porshe 914/6 and Peugeot 504 coupe V6 before we married, but he laughs that since we are together he has to travel with me and had no time for his hobby, what is the irony :) Living in Scotland now we unfortunately have no garage his all stuf and garage is in Münster where we go for long summer holiday and of course XMas time.
Enough about us, the pictures are beautiful I love the car on second picture, have no idea what is it and may be this is not really precious but I love the style and super eggshell color :)

Hi @stef1

It is often the case that one must let the hobby go for other cozy things.

The car is an Excalibur Phaeton Ss 1976 model

What beautiful cars, they look like cars just taken to the market because they are so well taken care of, you have one like that?

Hi @yanes94

No, sold my car. It was a Trans AM.

But have plans to buy an older car again later

It would be amazing to see that car when you buy it, and if it is one like the ones you showed in the photos it would be a great purchase. If I had a car like that I would never take it out, I would just leave it in my patio so that everyone could see it and that's it. 🤣🤣🤣

Greetings and good afternoon @xpilar 👋😜


what such a amazing car photography really i like your car photography thanks for share this amazing post .
#Resteem and ##Upvote.
Dear @xpliar

hi @saidul-islam

thank you

wow.excellent post good article and wonderful car photography really your photography totally amazing thanks for share so this post has been #Resteemed and @Upvote .by alom23

thanks @alom23

Wow wow wow, all cars look luxurious @xpilar very interesting


excellent photography! thanks for sharing!

thanks @ahlawat

These old-fashioned cars are really nice, they really attract a lot of attention, brother.

Hi @josepuerta

Nice that you like it

car shows and festivals, first strange cars
everything is here, I just saw it
during, in my life


Hello friend, I like these types of cars very much even if they are from the old one. Thanks for sharing and do not leave behind this fashion.

thanks @betaniaj

delighted of this wonderful publication @xpilar happy to see so many beautiful cars if I could say great are a show, I hope you have been successful in the meeting and have enjoyed my great friend's greetings for those great people

Hi @glorimarbolivar

Nice to hear

@xpilar it will be a great oppurtunity for the car lover to see them.great photography my friend,really delighted to see such wonderful car pictures.keep sharing.

thank you @rohit786

Wohoo lots of vintage cars in there looks fabulous :D

thanks @blazing