Custom Made Betsy Ross Flags

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saw this idea online and got bored one day and started to build my own.

first flag i ever built

a couple others i built



my personal favorite. i gave it to my buddy as a wedding gift.

a coffee table i built with an epoxy finish



This is honestly very artistic. You can start your store even by making such beautiful things.

thanks man, i appreciate the comment. i wish it was that easy to just start my own store like that, its still a nice side gig though. hopefully someday woodworking will be my full-time profession and ill just be working at home at my own shop.

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I'm gonna buy one eventually lol, look too sick


i still need to finish this one. im gonna use 45acp bullets as the stars most likely. i still have one of the charred flags left

why limit yourself to just American flags? I'm sure if you added some variety and customization you could make a living almost solely off these..

shipping is nearly impossible for em unless someone wants to pay a good bit for that, i looked into it a couple times. i also thought about making college flags but theyre trademarked. i could make a Canadian and Mexican flag i guess too haha

well shipping is something every business deals with.. if youre honest with customers and transparent with shipping prices I dont see why they wouldnt pay up to get somethiing they really want. And you can get around a trademark lol a tad of customization and youre in the clear