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We have begun to see the whole world as a company. Not as a family. When we see the world as an economy or a company, we can only appreciate the prospect of unlimited growth. However, such growth is not always advantageous. Cancer cells have limitless growth, and that's why they kill someone. Likewise, growth that does not help society is not the right kind of growth. It will destroy society and individuals.

We only have the attitude of the " take Take it! Take!" There are four cars in a house with four inhabitants. Some houses with four inhabitants have eight cars. And speed is of the utmost importance. Instead of traveling 10 hours by car, people take a flight to arrive in an hour. Since life itself has become so fast, death has now also taken a ride.

Increased plant production and other inventions have been made to reduce worldwide hunger and resulting deaths. Larger tomatoes, mango tree hybrids blooming in three years etc. were invented to respond to hunger and contain it. We have developed artificial methods such as spraying hormones to produce meat, the weight of animals, etc. to increase. As a result, people consume toxic foods.

In addition, trees have been fallen, resulting in greater air pollution. The soil has been polluted with chemical fertilizers and the life of the earth has shortened. The soil has been affected so much that it no longer reacts to fertilizer. Factory pollutants have contaminated the air, and this is what we breathe in today. Rivers are polluted. In some areas, chlorine is now arbitrarily added to the water. We have to be careful about this too. Chlorine should only be added in the prescribed amount. High levels of chlorine in the water lead to cancer and acidification.

The atmosphere is unable to provide us with enough immunity. Even what we eat does not strengthen our immunity. Low immunity in food and low immunity in our bodies have made our bodies weak. Children nowadays are unable to recover from simple bacterial infections without antibiotics. All this has happened in just a few years. Now we're looking for new medication. The human body has become weak.

Let's take the case of hybrid plants. For protection, they must be fertilized and sprayed regularly. If this spray is not administered regularly, it can easily be infested by pests. They are covered with tiny worms destroying the plant. The plant has no innate power to fight the worms.

Hybrid cows, poultry and hybrid plants grow only in a favourable climate. The ambient temperature needs to be regulated. Special stables and food are also needed. Locals cows, poultry and plants don't need all this to grow. People too become like these hybrid animals and plants.

Soon we may have to live on earth with oxygen tanks like people traveling to the moon. Nowadays people are allergic to everything. Whether plants, flowers, fruits or vegetables, nature shares its abundance with animals and humans alike. Birds and animals help plants distribute their seeds and expand their reach. Trees provide shade for animals and shelter for birds. The excrement of animals and birds provide trees and plants with organic fertilizer. Trees and plants embellish the earth with its leaves and flowers.

In nature, we see beautiful pictures of love, unity and interdependence everywhere. This is what the people in this country of Bharatam (India) referred to as Yajña Samskara. Our lives on this planet have become possible through the common efforts of all these beings. Rivers, trees, honey bees, butterflies, earthworms - they all play a role in our existence. Without them, we will not be able to exist.

A plane can't fly with a broken engine. It also can't fly if a single vital screw is missing. Even the smallest thing is important and has its place.

All these things have come together to create and sustain us. When we look at nature as a tree, we can say that its roots, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits are all its creatures. The tree will only be complete when all these pieces come together. If one of these parts is destroyed, all other parts will be destroyed very soon.

If there is no nature, there will be no humanity or human culture. But even if there is no humanity, nature will continue to exist and prosper. We can imagine this pandemic as a warning of nature to treat and protect it with respect. This is a time for the people who are so proud to be exceedingly powerful to face their own weaknesses. It's time we realize this.
It is the duty of men to protect all living beings and to see nature as our mother and other beings as our brothers and sisters. It's high time this consciousness rises in us.

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