STEEM STEM Contest - Gathering Interest

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@anikys3reasure gave me a great suggestion for a new contest, a writing contest in a STEM area (Science, Technology, Engineering Mathematics). Before hosting a writing contest and having candidates spend the time and effort to come up with content, I wanted to take a quick poll to see if there was enough interest.

If you would be interested in this idea can you help me out by commenting below with:

  1. General topic you would be interested in writing about
  2. What prize amount would get you interested in taking the time to take part in this contest
  3. Any comments/suggestions you may have for this contest

Thanks everyone for your input. I'm definitely going to consider this as we have a few interested people. Let's see in the next couple of days if we get some additional interested participants and we can craft the rules and I can draft up the contest.

6/5 Updates

Once again, thank you everyone for your feedback. It's much easier to answer your questions/concerns in 1 comment rather than commenting on everyone's post individually.


  1. The contest would be in a science, technology, engineering, or math subject. Things like Health fall under Science so it would qualify. The topic within these areas will be completely open meaning you can choose anything you'd like as long as it falls within one of these main categories.

  2. You would not be required to post something technical. For example (please don't use this example), if you wanted to post on automation in the workplace and its effects on unemployment, you would not need to post on how to create/displace jobs with automation. You could just post on the pros/cons of automation

I'm still working through prizes and judging criteria. It may be hard to do this weekly unless we can get it to be self-sustaining where the upvotes we receive fund the prize pool.

6/7 Update

Contest is Live! Enter here!

I like math problem solving because math is key subject for all regular activities so I like it more and 5-10 Steem prizes to join in a contest I like.

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You can base your contest on multiple topics , like healthcare tips , sport , motivation etc , as long as it promotes good content , i will say 10 steem will entice me to join in the contest.

Here are my views;

  1. Climate Change, Mathematical Problem solving or analytics
  2. 10 Steem upwards
  3. Keep up the innovative gesture

Trans-humans, animal cloning... ...
Here are pictures if It means the same to you
images (7).jpg

Animal cloning

10steem upward
And please make it every week

Awaiting the contest....

I could write about my home village and the history of it.

Thanks for the reply @tsnaks. For this contest, I'm looking for a topic in either Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics.

Evolution of man, 100 steem

Thanks for the mention @danvillani , Steemstem is very okay but you can also add health post to it in order not to favor the scientist and technologist that would partcipate.............It should be in form of a post with the title ......

STEEMStem & HEALTH POST Contest by @danvillani # ENTRY; YOUR TOPIC.

Price pool- 22 steem/ 22sbd which ever one you prefer.
First position- 10 steem/sbd
Second position- 7 steem/sbd
Third position- 5 steem/sbd

Everybody must upvote and resteem...

The link of their post should be commented in the comment section.

This is just a suggestion anyways.

  1. Science and Technology is love.
  2. Not sure about the prize part, have seen this contest for the first time.
  3. Keep doing the great work, keep the flag of motivation high.

I suggest a question or subject in tecnologi/mathematics but let us write in our own way. Mayby I will write a philosophic way about AI. Another writer maybe write more in a technologic way. Gives diffdrent views at same subject.

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The Dreadful Race between Mankind and Technogy

Since STEM has what it already stands for, I suggest you base the topic(s) on it. This will be in line with the vision of STEEMSTEM. For the price, i think it should be a bit high to attract good participation. 20 steem for first proce, 10 steem for second prize and 5 steem for 3rd prize.

A review of Stephen Hawking's last hypothesis.

Yeah, right :) But maybe something about dark matter or black holes.

15 steem would prick my ears up. But then again, so would 10 :)

@danvillani, this is one of the best contests I have seen on steemit!! I was thinking when would someone come up with such, and here you are,

Topic: Science and Technology.

10 steem.

Thanks! It's difficult to make something like this sustainable so hopefully we can get the support to keep this funded as an ongoing event

@danvillani this is a good initiative. But i'm yet to see people running contest on finance and administration. Something creative could emerge from that.

Perhaps we will host some contests on that in the future as well. My number one goal is to create a sustainable way of getting good content out there

That's a good strategy.

As a new member on Steemit, I would suggest topics on cryptocurrency and how it works including the nuts and bolts on how Steemit works and how one can succeed on this platform.