Anarchapulco Conference: BitSpace meets Roger Ver, Jeffrey Tucker, Vit Jedlička, ++

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With a travelling delegation of three people, BitSpace was represented at this year’s Anarchapulco conference in beautiful Acapulco, Mexico. We arrived on Friday the 24th of February to a gorgeous sea-view condo and a Bitcoin all-time high.

Sunset at our apartment 10 minutes away from the conference venue

Ola, Jan Olav and Ivar from BitSpace

While days 1, 2 and 3 of Anarchapulco treated a wide variety of subjects relevant to the topic of anarchocapitalism and voluntaryism, the fourth and last day was entirely dedicated to the topic of cryptocurrencies. Many of the sharpest minds within the cryptocurrency space were present to hold speeches and hang around for discussions, and the BitSpace team got to pitch our ideas to the likes of Roger Ver and Trace Mayer.

Selfie time with Adam Kokesh and Roger Ver, “Bitcoin Jesus”

Photo with Jeffrey Tucker, Austrian School economist

Vít Jedlička, President of Liberland

We had a terrific experience at the conference creating new business ideas, forming new friendships, potential partnerships and last but not least enjoying the tropical weather!


It is great to see you all over there making important connections for the future of cryptocurrencies as well as for your own businesses. Good for you, good for us all! All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Did not get a chance to stop by this year. I will be there next year! Glad everyone had a good time.

Hope to see you there then ;)

I wish we could have made it. Hopefully next year.