Follow Your Passion - Jeff Berwick at the Infinite Man Summit, Lisbon, Portugal

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Topics include: finding your passion, trusting the universe, learning through failure, networking, if you build it they will come, committing to a new business, everything you need to know about business.

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The Infinite Man Summit is a brand new occasion that motivates gents to generate amazing lives. We are now a group of totally free thinkers who have faith in reality, genuineness, and also dwelling outside the field.

Sounds cool. Makes me happy there are people out there still trying to 'do the right things!' :-)

Cool blog @dollarvigilante

For such a cool blog it suits some music. Enjoy my music compositions:


Great speech as always. My vision is an alternative to mental health rehabilitation. Working with nature and alternative therapies, currently I am saving for the land and therm i'm rolling. Its a vision i've had for a while. I've done a degree and got into Occupational therapy love the job and am finding more and more things to add to my program when it starts 💯🐒

Why I said it sounded cool:
I could never go myself (extremely hard for me to get a passport), but I'm always happy to see good things happening in the world!