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RE: === Do we need a Government? ===

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Great article @bubke!

When I was in college I had my first "WTF" moment. I was about to finish my last year, had a job to pay for accommodation and trying to change the world with my Bachelor project. I had money but very little time to spend it, and I began to think what would my life look like in 5 years? or 10? I felt like a robot. That feeling corrupted my whole being for a few weeks, and I began seeing the world made out of "robots". So I noticed what drives people to do certain things. It was overwhelming. It was like an open hood to the insides of a society.

I think that when zooming in (with Hubble or smth), governments are just a manifestation of feelings (and everything) that exist in man. It's a circle because it creates the same behavior.
Hendrix got it right: "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."

I'm glad to see that people are starting to shift their perspectives, and being more aware, Steemit is the living proof of this. Change is often a sum of parts, if more people begin to question the "order", eventually all people will question it.

The paradox is that all that has happened had to happen this way to get us so far, so there's no point in putting real anger in there. It would be best for everybody if "Change"-whatever it may be, would be preceded by a peaceful transition.


I don't do a lot of posting, my most desired reward is that a post brings me another amazing soul here on Steemit. It is my pleasure to meet you @demostene, your insights are sharp, sharing is there, humor is there, you make my day :-)

Good old Jimmy, yes, what happened to that generation? "The power of love, a force from above, cleaning my soul", that was from my time meaning Frankie probably stole the lyrics from earlier times :-)

Thanks for such a magnificent comment, truly appreciated in Steemit style, upv, fol, etc.

Thank you very much @bubke! To many more insightful talks :D

I SUPER LOVE your response @demostene. I love that Steemit is bringing us all together and that we have an opportunity to share these awakenings and true possibilities. I'm glad you got the "WTF" moment---and in college!!! YAY!!! There is some awakening happening there. As the wise one @quinneaker has quoted "Contrast is essential to experience". I so agree with that.

It's great to meet you. Already followed you!

great to meet you too @everlove and thank you for your reply :) I wrote a short poem about contrasts, you can read it on my blog. I have followed you back, i'm grateful to meet people here to have these conversations :D

I too am grateful for people to talk with REAL things about! Grateful to have found you. I will stop by your blog and take a sweet little tour. Have some chickens and a garden to attend to first, but will be delighted to visit you.