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RE: "Eeeek, an AR-15 !!!"

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Grew up with guns, former military, and gun owner; I think you're on point. Curious how you feel about the ideas floating around in Massachusetts where you can question the agency of a gun owner and ask for authoritative intervention?


I am in Mass and have not heard about that, can you tell me more?

"He noted that GOAL opposes two “extreme risk protection order” bills in Massachusetts that would allow a judge to order the temporary removal of guns from someone ruled a danger to themselves or others. Wallace said the bills would not prevent people deemed dangerous from causing harm by other means."

not to mention that a judge or your police chief can take your guns away already in MA. Any anti gun shit that passes is bad, they just keep chipping away here.

Initially heard the story on npr on the day of the walk-out.

Funny how they report on that and not how much money Soros spent to disrupt the school day for millions of kids to push his political agenda.