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RE: === Do we need a Government? ===

in #anarchy4 years ago

GREAT post!!! its good to understand how things came to be as they are.. and that it WAS the result of Anarchy . and got us to where we are.. which is, in my opinion, on the cusp of needing nothing again. Now we have the potential for technology to save us.. once the clamps of State dissolve.. in time, it is inevitable.. Then real technology will be created, that can offer us free power, and free materials .. and we can truly move into the Golden Age.

As with everything,, it is all cycles in the great game of life.. spread over millennia of Yuga's. What goes up must come down!..


Wise words @eco-alex, totally right! Up..down, up..down, no doubt. But how to lift it all up eh? We already have abundance on Earth, it is just not distributed right. Only way out is self-knowledge, self-awareness, birth of the next-generation human. Thanks for nice comment, love.

its SO easy!!! all you have to do is..
and try enjoy yourself and help others whilst you are doing that! ;-)