I lost my best friend and $454,000 in crypto

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This is me and my best friend, TJ Page. He is from Ann Arbor, MI and we became friends through a friend who connected us. We hit it off great since we shared the concept of shamanism AND libertarianism. Two concepts that 7 years ago were not even remotely connected by many, especially in the mainstream.

TJ would become my shamanic teacher and helped me tremendously understanding botany and some realms of consciousness, even during sessions I would take. Theo and I would counsel each other on a number of things, from love, relationships, money, and crypto, which I basically had to twist his arm to get into years ago. He was about two years older than me and fulfilled that role of brother I did not really have since my own brother is 15 years older than me and was more like a second father to me.

He is in fact a strong influence for me to also be in the Mitragyna Speciosa market, that has allowed me to help hundreds of people and pull in a little side cash.

At some point, after the M. Speciosa sales were getting good, I asked him to help me out by saving some money for me so a) it was not in my reach to spend, and; b) my wife would not know about it and would not find a purpose for said extra money. He agreed wholeheartedly and I would send him about a thousand dollars a month for several months. He diversified us into ETH, LTC, and other coins and he got inspired to make good gains as he saw how what I sent him was growing like weeds.

Theo had retired from selling M.Speciosa at age 34 and was basically just traveling the world and surfing in Jaco, Costa Rica. The last time I saw him was when he came to my birthday party in June and then he went to Jaco again, where he died from an overdose. When I heard the news coming from his girlfriend, I felt destroyed and cried like I have not done it in a long time. I had lost my best friend, the guy I would text with daily and call on a regular basis and meet to share life. This man was gone forever!!! As soon as I got off the phone with his gf, I called his mom and we both cried and shared a moment. I still have connections with TJ's parents and text with them often.

If you have kept up with this post, you'll realize the fact that my story has a double whammy... I lost my best friend AND our mutual crypto fund worth a lot of money. This is in reality a difficult talk to have with you all. At the expense of looking like a bum I will ask for your help to get back any of that hard earned money if you feel like chipping in.

This money is what has been helping me do my activism without having to ask for money... This money has been what allows me to travel and do presentations at conferences because the vast majority of them do not pay. This is really to help me continue my activism and focus on it greatly as I have for the last 7 years or so.

Thank you for reading and for your generosity

Luis Fernando Mises

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Wow, you need to prove these kind of stories or claims...do not donate until a death certificate is shown. Once that shows up I will remove my flag and donate!

If you knew me and followed me for a while you'd know about how I roll...that I would not make this shit up.
I cannot come up with a certificate with such short notice but i can share some correspondence i have had with TJ's parents. Kinda sad world where one has to prove to strangers...

Other stuff I can share if interested is a call i recorded with a channeling medium to connect with him since it was such a rough death.





you ask from strangers you have to prove to strangers... life happens as it happens... you cannot control it

Flag removed and thanks - condolences.

Thanks for removing the flat, @greenman. And thanks for your donation.

are qr codes ok? or would you like addresses?

Any chance you can contact his family and try to get the money back? It seems like if you can prove it they would let you try.

Right. Also, the emails where the deal was struck might constitute a legal contract - and could be forwarded to whoever is making arrangements for the estate.

I have asked mum. Computer was not found in Costa Rica :(

I don't think you need the computer you just need the 12 words.

Do you have any evidence that the money you sent was used to buy crypto? The transactions are all public.

It could have been on a phone or tablet? Sounds like you have some investigative work to do if you want to recover that.

at times i sent him crypto and others paypal. surely the crypto sent is easier to track.

I am very sorry for your great loss @emancipatedhuman.
I can just imagine what a difficult time you were dealing with when everything was dark, but I'm glad you stood strong and are fighting back my friend and I wish you all the best.
Great picture, it must be pretty special.

Tough story to hear... I haven't had to deal with that pain. Let it inspire you to do great things.

it already has! yes.

Fret not my friend... all that you deserve will show up at your door one day soon. Please never judge the newbies in your life from what i think was a great relationship, or you may never get another. LUVS

I just want to say this,I don't think you need the computer.thank for your donation.you have done what GOD told us to do,and for that u will be bless for the work done.

So sorry. Our deepest sympathy to you and the family.

I'm sorry to hear that man

Really sorry to hear that.. upvoted

My deepest condolences friend <3

Upvoted and Resteemed Brotha! Wow, this is devastating on so many levels. If he used windows the computer can easily be hacked with a USB. I just hope the crypto was on his computer.

Computer stayed in CR. But that's a good idea. I will ask mom.

I would recommend going to his mom armed with emails showing your arrangement. Don't show them unless you have to... but it is good to have proof that you are not ripping off the estate.

Sorry for your loss. If nothing else this should serve as a timely reminder to have a backup plan that allows your loved ones to gain access to your crypto in the event of your untimely demise.

Yes. I definitely learned a lot from this. <3

If it's not too soon, ask his wife to allow you to get a digital forensic guy onto Theo's computer(s).

He was with a new GF. not married. :(

Then ask his girlfriend or try to gain access to his computers.

I have been hunting her down since july... no real answers.

Wow That is a really tough story. And shows the importance of controlling your Private wallet Keys.

Am really sorry about your friend, it really hurts to lose our love ones.
I hope that the online currency would go back to its former glory because a lot of us has lot quite a lot of money

I'm sorry for your loss, I saw Randy's resteem of your post and had never run into your posts before. Quite interesting. Hope it all works out for you.

thank you so much

Sorry for your loss man. I can see that your friend was a major influence in you life and losing the funds that you guys saved must have been devastating. Keep looking up my friend, this too shall pass.

thank you. i can generate more money, but i cant get my bro back. its sad. i appreciate your message

Very sorry to hear about your best friend.

thank you for taking the time to comment and send sweet words

Enjoy life, and keep living it, and no, it wasnt a hard earned money, it was an investment. Now is gone like many investments that can north or south regardless of how much work you did.

You should have done multisig address so at least a third person could release the funds.

I am sorry for your lost, but the money situation sounded a bit off. If you need money ask for it, but trying to get us to restore your investment is like, I wanna be a basketball player but please dont let me loose games.

I feel deeply sorry and regret this happend for you and your best friend aka brother...i hate drugs..they should dissapear from face of the Earth!! Maybe only 10% i agree with weed but that s all!! I don.t have what to offer other than my resteem and very little upvote..sorry for that, but i do hope we can be friends and i will support you all i can always. So sorry for this...you need a lot of strenght to accept and embrace reality...but this is life ..with so so many ups and downs...sometimes too many..but we all have our unique purpose and we have to believe in it with all our power. God bless yoy and your family!

thank you so much. i appreciate the words.

You welcome..wish i had more than words now..

Hi Luis, @chuckwilliams37 and I briefly met you at Anarchapulco. We were talking to Derrick at the Gala before the dinner guests started coming in. Anyway, I'm so sorry for this difficult experience you're going through. Did TJ teach you to journey? I'm wondering if you have tried to reach out to him and connect with him to see if you could get info on how to retrieve info that could help you attain your crypto. Since you had such a connection before he passed over, I imagine that connecting in the unseen realms might not be so difficult, especially considering the shamanic training you received from him. It's possible that you are too close to the situation though to get helpful info. Perhaps a trusted, gifted shamanic healer could journey for you and check in about this. I have some great contacts if you need them. May you find peace in all of this. Blessings <3

Hello friend! yes i remember! He taught me a lot in the shamanic realm. i actually did a session with a channeling lady but it was basically me trying to help him cross since i felt he needed the assistance. the medium was a bit surprised to hear my need to connect with him. we didnt talk money then, it went straight to passing over and him being worried about me and my wife's relationship. i'd be curious to hear more about your contacts that could help in this regard. i am on facebook as luis fernando borges mises. <3

So sorry to hear of your 2 losses. I hope the healing from both will be fast and you come out stronger than before

Sorry to hear about the loss .

I'm very sorry for your loss.

there is no way to recover the accounts?

Realmente siento la pérdida de tu amigo. Dios quiera te recuperes pronto.

Beautiful words from Terence McKenna about death (the first ten minutes):

If you have had the psychedelic experience, you will certainly feel the power of his words. Condolences on your loss. Our spirit will liberate the world.

I was really moved, but sorry for the loss .

I'm so sorry for the loss of your best friend!!! Money will come and go, but friends should be there forever :(!