What the FUCK is happening in our world! Do you know?

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I got to thinking about our financial state and the level of poverty in our world, the stench of greed and the reluctance to feed those in need of sanctuary, inventory, in poverty, and in some cases, in custody. The need of the people is in the hands of those that matter to governments and industry, for some reason wages are not rising to meet inflation bringing up costs that are deliberately heightened. The services in place that are there to help us don't know their arses from their elbows, running around like Kentucky fried chicken, doing absolutely nothing other than cause further chaos for the people.

If we're not strong we can lose it, waiting for others to provide it, I'M OVER IT! So, over 3 months ago I wrote a post named 'Let's blow this thing out the water' that summed up how I felt about the whole thing, that is governments, institutions, organisations that are colluding to fooling us into believing they are interested. I'd like to repeat the post here if I may as keeping it 100% all the way is my thing, I could care less about the nay sayers, wannabe's, trying to fit in where you're not wanted. I cannot pretend to be blind when I can see, or deaf and dumb when I can hear and speak, so I choose to speak out on such things. It would be great if we all stood up to the MATRIX, and stopped to get off the spinning wheel once and for all. Democracy is still to be realised all over the world, so why not give it a go!

The message...

"To the real soldiers battling to make ends meet and those fighting for financial freedom refusing to be obligated and obliterated by a system raping and berating our sense of pride. It’s time to stand and take our products, creativity, designs and art to our own manufacturers where self-publishing, self-marketing, self-financing and profiting remains our sole property.

We will no longer tolerate or accommodate organisations and corporations that are currently in existence denying and destroying our fashion houses, art galleries, inventions and creations for the few who make it because of who they know and the families they belong to. Stand up soldiers and RISE for your self-worth depends on how much we are willing to fight for our freedom, to fight for what is our rightful place in a marketplace unwilling to change to bring wealth to the masses.

Blowing this thing out the water means that if the system is unwilling to change then those that oppose our financial freedom have no business in our consciousness. Our function in the system will remain a bi-product until fairness and equality becomes the Wall Street and Stock Exchange of the world. We will not stand for poverty, homelessness in a democracy enabling mediocracy, it is until we are free to do as we please, excuse me with our money, land and for the best interest of humanity, WE WILL NOT STAND for stupidity and insanity".



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Source: Taken from J Law memoirs [December 2017]


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