Get rid of organized rape, pillaging and murder - Get rid of Government!

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A couple of years ago, I made the mistake of starting to starting to entertain the idea that maybe we should have some government. I don't know, I was probably drunk.

Alan Moore, very appropriately called anarchy a "romance." That is pretty much it. The only moral way to view the world is also seemingly impossible to accomplish.

To paraphrase Robert Higgs, people support government because we want to keep stealing from people but most of us aren't willing to point the gun ourselves. That's where government comes in. It does our murdering and pillaging for us. Then 99.9% of us convince ourselves that it's for the greater good.

What greater good? Is the government going to prevent you from getting murdered? The government is better at doing the murdering than it is at preventing it. Will the state keep you from being raped? Willing to bet not and none of my friends who have been victims have glowing reviews of how the state handled the situation. Is the government going to keep you from being robbed? It's the government's job you rob you.

Our solutions always seem to be to grow the government. Really? You're so worried about how McDonald's treats it's employees that you want to shovel more power over to a government which has already murdered tens of thousands of it's own citizens and killed countless more abroad? Bigger government? You do remember that Stalin starved thirty million Ukrainians to death, right? The gulag archipelago? Mao's famine? The Cambodian Killing Fields?

Oh, but it'll never happen in the USA, right? Weren't you calling Trump "literally Hitler" for the past four years. Oh, but it won't happen in the UK, or Denmark, or France, or Sweden, or Italy...oh...wait. Okay, the UK has already jailed people for offensive speech. So has France. The Danish cartoonists were basically told by police that I they draw Muhammad, they're on their own. Where's the protection of rights that government is supposed to provide?

Oh, well, there's a simple solution when governments go bad. Let's have an even bigger government to intervene, like the UN. Yeah, that impotent organization which, even when it does send peacekeepers in, has a tendency to do a lot more raping and pillaging than peacekeeping. Also, the peacekeepers all have immunity; so, they can do all the raping that they want in broad daylight and nobody can do anything about it. How's that working out?

Look, we're not going to achieve Heaven on Earth. I'm not living under some delusion that getting rid of the state will make everything awesome. What I do know is that I'm for getting rid of these organized murder, rape, and pillage machines that we're supposedly organized to keep us from murdering, raping, and pillaging.