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I am sure that was a very scary thing, how are any of those things the problem and not the fact the authorities were called over 45 times and never arrested him or referred him to be committed? It's not possible that any law about AR-15s could save 1000s of lives. At 18 you could drive a semi just like the guy used in Nice to kill more people than anyone ever has with a gun. My child's school received one of a series of high profile threats, I didn't blame the telephone.


Well I just dont agree , That kid likely would of killed a few people with a differant gun , But not 17 people , Officials will allways drop the ball , I don;t trust them . Thats the reason I have never in the past been for banning guns or changing my right to bear arms , But after this I have come to believe that 18 is to young to buy ar15 s .

Do you at least realize that there are DOZENS of semi-auto guns just as powerful, or more powerful, than AR-15s?

you seem to have made the best argument against yourself. you should listen to yourself, now you trust the authorities?
I've seen a kid who can get off 6 rounds a minute with a muzzle loading rifle, there are a bunch of them, they have contests, how many minutes did the shooter have?

It didn't have to be an AR-15. It could have been handguns, or a machete, or running a rented van into a sporting event, or any of a number of other things. Someone bent on causing a lot of casualties will find a way to do it, regardless of what laws are in place. The act of committing murder itself says the person obviously does not believe in the law. Age has very little to do with maturity overall. Picking an arbitrary age for 'responsibility' is really just blowing smoke. There are 12 year olds out there that I would trust to be responsible with firearms unsupervised, and there are 40 year olds that I wouldn't. A person't age is really irrelevant.

In this individual's case, he obviously had some mental issues going on. He was reported for it multiple times with no action taken. He tried to get help himself and no effective action was taken (a common theme with mass shooters). Blaming the tool used is just misplaced anger, I think.

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