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RE: === Do we need a Government? ===

in #anarchy4 years ago

There really big human accomplishments that would have been very difficult without high levels of functioning groups. Even if you take the military out of it. But bridges, roads. air traffic control, landing on the moon, science, as in basic research. Education. Before public education only the wealthy had access. But I hope there are ways to improve.


Thanks @icmultitudes, most of these accomplishments are a double edged sword. To use them in a wise way will define the adulthood of humanity. After reflecting on all the comments today, I lost a lot of hope or maybe better, I see i am made out of hope and dreams and that reality is kind of filtered out. I need a good sleep i guess, much love.

New day, new thoughts, i like the little movie fragment of @tim-rumford here. Yes, there are a lot of positive developments through governmental structures, I agree :-)

I am so narrowly focused these days all Incan say is thank God there are reasonable roads that lead to the hospital! And an electric grid that supplies energy to machines that save people :)

Sorry to interrupt with some levity. I could not help but think of this when I read your comments.

yeah right lol :-)

Didnt Gideon post that clip recently? Lol 😂