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When the SHTF? Whether or not you use the gun at the right time is not the issue. Just knowing that guns may be may be in the hands of the people has a totally different out come than knowing that guns are not in the hands of the people.


I really don't understand, " Whether or not you use the gun at the right time is not the issue"- if you don't use it at the right time why have one? Just to say you have it?

Exactly, just knowing that someone has a gun totally changes how you may act around that person. And the same can be said of the public. As Larken mentioned in the video countless amounts of people saved lives by just brandishing their guns and never having to fire them. It is a major deterrent without ever being fired. Now if you needed to fire the gun and you you feel you may not be ready to shot someone, you can get training to make sure that you are ready to shoot when necessary, if that is your concern.

OK, even though I can tell you a lot of people here have been carrying weapons when they were killed and didn't even have the chance to use them.

But sometimes they do shoot back right? How often are those without guns able to shoot back?

Never, have you seen a hit? I have, these guys just start shooting at the person who doesn't even know what hit him. See these guys don't even know the victim, I saw one of these hits just half a block from my house they cornered the victims car and one guy sprayed him from the window and then the other one from the front, they used weapons that use 9mm bullets but they weren't pistols, and they are good with these weapons because there were three other people in the car and just one of them had a bullet graze her. Also the victim had a gun, never used it.

People die in car wrecks who are wearing their seatbelts, is that an argument against wearing one?

so in your nation with strict civilian gun control you witness a lot of hits, we don't see that here where we are free to own guns.

Strict civilian gun control? That's a funny one, you can only buy guns legally at one store operated by the military, but on the streets you can buy any weapon you want and that includes a lot of AK-47, I even remember in the 1990's a guy had dozens of Desert Eagles which were used by the US Army in the first Iraq war for sale, and if you have a gun you can carry it in public, so I think in that respect we are much freer than the US.

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