Ayahuasca: The Anarchist of the Plant World: Macey Tomlin's Anarchapulco 2017 Speech

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At last year’s Anarchapulco, Macey Tomlin gave an insightful speech regarding her experience with Ayahuasca.

Macey had felt depressed and rather than taking anti-depressants decided to take an alternative healing path by using psychedelics to dig deeper into her consciousness and resolve the issues.

Macey talks about the plant’s attributes and how it has a strong ‘female’ energy which has the capability to remove ‘blockages’ in the body.

It’s a very interesting perspective and journey that she took. If you want to hear her entire speech from last year’s conference you can watch it in full here:

And Macey will be a returning speaker this year and likely involved in the Wellness retreat which will commence in the days before Anarchapulco and terminate with an ayahuasca ceremony before Anarchapulco officially begins.

So if you’re interested in trying Ayahuasca and want to have a chance to talk to someone who has first-hand experience, come down to Acapulco this February!


@jeffberwick I can't wait for the DOG walks to start again....LUCY SITz

B careful with this stuff, ayahuasca is ok for those in the Indian culture, westerners come adrift, better to reach pachummama by meditation, or try this device..best wishes... D

I've smoked dmt but have not tried ayahusca yet. Sometime

Very helpful speech. Thank you for sharing this :)

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Macey talks about the plant’s attributes and how it has a strong female energy which has the capability to remove blockages in the body.

Yo he tenido dos experincias con Ayahuasca, la primera fué fascinante con un chamán de Perú ( José), la segunda vez fué algo muy estresante y aterrador, pienso que cada quien tiene su propia experiencia en base al momento actual al que tome esa planta sagrada, saludos !

Would not mind going just to far :)

A bit of offtopic, but just wanted to say thanks for the latest Anarchast show about Trive!
I reposted it on my page

Hey Jeff
my dude @johannesgrothe
told me about you and Acapulco and I was immediately fascinated.

One day I want to live there and not miss an anarchapulco event!


An orgy of total dysfunction.

This is going to be hard to explain by a post, I can't believe the timing of everything at the moment. There is one more piece of the puzzle people urgently need to see and Macey touched on it here. Harald Kautz Vella and his Youtube videos on black goo will explain more.

@jeffberwick thanks for posting this great video, you interviewed Jeff Cousins, I have been in contact regarding status correction but also to tell them they must speak to Harald too it is a vital piece to their work.

Macey is telling you something very important here. It is going to be very hard to explain by this post. I told Jason, The AI, military and the government are playing with something huge. You will only know it through sci fi movies its called black goo. It has a google patent sapient oil.

You will need a couple of hours to research but its all out there on YouTube. It is life changing important for all of us.

Please google Harald Kautz Vella and Black goo this stuff and the sapient oil patent.

It is real, demonic and the AI community have been interacting with it for years. The royal family for centuries.

Something big is about to surface now. Macey message is so important.

@jeffberwick, again thanks for posting.