Larken Rose to Host Candles In The Dark Workshop At Anarchapulco

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We are proud and excited to announce that Larken Rose will be hosting his Candles In The Dark workshop on February 13th and 14th, the two days before Anarchapulco starts.

The goal of this workshop is to teach you how to more easily enlighten statists and give them exposure to a voluntaryist/anarcho-capitalist mindset. So far, this workshop has received rave reviews from the locations around the US in which Larken has held them in the past.

Many attendees have said that they were never able to convert one statist to voluntaryism, but after attending the workshop they were able to do it quite easily.

And so, what better place than Anarchapulco, with possibly 1,000 voluntaryists all in town that week to host this important workshop. Because, as Larken has said in the past, if every voluntaryist in the world could convert just three people per year… due to the power of compounding, it would be less than 10 years before everyone in the world was a voluntaryist.

How great would that be!

So, if you’d like to learn the techniques you need to know in order to be more persuasive with your friends and family, this workshop is for you.

You can find out more here.

And, we’ll be announcing in rapid-fire a number of other workshops and events including this coming year’s version of Ayahuascapulco, a health & well-being retreat and many more in the coming days.

So, if you haven’t booked your flights yet you may want to wait a little longer to see which events in the days before or after Anarchapulco are announced. Or, like many people, just plan to come down early and stay late anyway… every day is a party in Anarchapulco!

But, make sure to register for Anarchapulco soon, either way, as 2018 will be by far the biggest yet and could even sell out at the rate things are going.

Register now at!


Crypto-anarchist propaganda lessons!
I'm in!

Let's have an online webinar, lot's of us are not in the USA. Upvote if you want to see an online webinar.

awesome Candles

Yes! Lots of people need this help. Whether they know it or not.

Very nice message

Oh, do the course online. I'm not in the usa, but I love to do it

I don't think there is a Candles In The Dark online course. But if you know something I don't, please provide the link.

Everything is happening only in mental. There is no outside, everything is projection of our inner state. You want to change your must change your inner state. Nothing exist actually when you think about it...everything just is. It has name only in our head. That is so important to know, because from tjat knowledge true change can happen. Belief in government is just belief in word and mental concept. Believing in anything is believing only in mental concept, because everything is happening in our head. I know this comment was all over the place, but I'm little bit high so it's ok. Thank you all! Love

Hello Jeff!
Saw your interview with David Mondrus, CEO from Trive.
Trive is really great project as I understand it, and it goes in line with many things you do.
May be you can join Trive team as advisor? Now Trive is having ICO, so this should be very helpful
Also would be great to see David Mondrus on Anarchopulco as a speaker